DEUSAYADI: Cassius, the Jaded General

– O –


I had two constant friends in my life:  Drusus and wine.

Drusus and I rose through the legions, side by side, to become generals.  Either of us could turn a battle, no matter which upstart from the fingerlands decided they could dictate terms with the Michahelian rulers in Metacarpa.  We were as brothers, the family neither of us had.

That changed for a time, when those ruling the mining towns of Annulia managed to coax Drusus to their side.  It was only a matter of time until the Metacarpan government enlisted me to stop him and those he led.

Ending the war earned me the undying love of Metacarpa, a lavish house and everything I could ever want.  But what I want I cannot have.

Wine is now my most faithful friend.  I cannot remember the last night I returned to my rooms of my own accord.  When I wake, it takes all of the little desire I have to continue to draw myself out of bed.  Many a night I hope that the wine will ensure its my last.

Yet a single thought keeps me going.

Someone is looking for me.

The gods are cruel.

Why won’t they let me die?

– O –


3 responses

  1. Very dramatic continuation: I’m interested, and waiting for more!

    1. Cheers Doc. Hope you have been keeping well =)

  2. Nicely written. I look forward to more, too.

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