DEUSAYADI: Michahelas, the Angel with Dragon’s Wings

I drew a pretty basic picture of Michahelas, but the light this time of night does not allow very good pictures to be taken, even with flash.  I will look to post it tomorrow.

– O –

The number of Bibliothecae in the Metacarpan capital in unsurpassed.

The largest library in all of Regnum, the Multus Bibliotheca, has an unfathomable number of scrolls.  Many have expressed their pity for its long-suffering manager, Johannus Philologus.  His skill in managing almost three hundred underlings to keep the library running smoothly would put the Primus Pilus of the Roman Legion to shame.

I know Johannus holds dear to his scholarly heart the section dedicated the the gods.  Just between you and me, I know a secret of his that he divulged after one too many cups of wine one night.  Within the section is a subsection discussing the archangels, and he is particularly enamoured with Michahelas.  Yes, I know our country is named after the right hand of Lar the Almighty, so it should not seem peculiar.  But what he says goes against everything read in the scrolls, and he has been forbidden from committing them to papyrus by the Dux Ducis himself.

We know the angels as creatures of perfect form, with long flowing robes.  Every one of them.  But Johannus would swear on any religious text that Michahelas is the exception.  He said that the archangel himself appeared to him on the battlefield in his younger days, saving him from certain death.  Johannus mistook him for a creature of Diabol.

Michahelas was adorned in a suit of dragon scales that shimmered green and yellow, a breastplate of dragon chest the colour of weathered bone, and a cintus around his waist of the finest gold ever seen.  But these did not strike fear.  The archangel had demon-like leather wings sprouting from his back, not the purest white feathers that we believe.  Past that, the left-hand side of the archangel’s face was terribly burned, not unlike melted wax, and hidden behind stringy, dirty blonde hair.  The other half of his face was as handsome as one would believe of an angel.

The archangel saw Johannus’ terror.  “Do not fear, Johannus.  I will not harm you.  You have served the army well, but you must now serve a greater purpose.”  Yet the soldier could not stop looking between the scarred face and wings.

“Battle scars.  I fought Diabol’s pet dragon some millennia ago, on another planet the great devil had not yet destroyed.  The cunning beast caught me by surprise, and its fiery breath burned my face and destroyed my wings.  While I was stunned, the beast swallowed me whole.  Luckily, I managed to stab its heart as I moved towards its stomach.  As the creature died, I hacked my way out through its back plates.  The creatures’s skin and chest plates makes for virtually impenetrable armour.  Begging Lar’s help, the dragon’s wings replaced my destroyed ones.”

The greater purpose?  It got even more peculiar after that.  Supposedly Michahelas said that a child would come to meet Johannus, and he would guide her towards saving Deusayadi from certain destruction.  Diabol’s supporters approach, and seek to unleash it upon our hapless world.

– O –


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  1. As Alice in Wonderland said (and as I think I may have quoted to you before), “Curiouser and curiouser!” This is a strangely appealing angel.

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