My WordPress Family!

I was most graciously nominated for an award by that most elusive and gracious of Anatidaeans, The Duck of Indeed.

*Squinting at instructions* Let’s see now…  ‘Paste award picture into your post’.


There!  Now, step two…  ‘nominate 10 people who have impacted your WordPress experience, your WordPress family so to speak, and tell them of your nominating them’.  Ten people!  I may need to pull up my list of followers for perusal around half-way, but here we go!  I shall cheat somewhat and classify my ‘pingback’ to their ‘About’ page as my notifying them.

1)  Doctor Victoria of Creative Shadows, the one who continually provides the kindling to keep my writing campfire alight, and aids in fighting off those imposing dark shadows.

2) My nominator, The Duck of Indeed.  The giving bird who was benevolent enough to create the cover for my first short story.

The next set of people appear in alphabetical order, yet are equally awesome, joined through the bond of world-building!

3)  Christine Haggerty, the esteemed Lady of Unitus’ Islands of Insight.  Her portion of the world is intriguing already, and I was lucky enough to name one of the characters!

4)  Cody Jeffrey, the creative mind behind the Sesho Region of Unitus.  With a (supposedly) villainous name like Vermilion, what isn’t there to like?

5)  Len Weatherly, the well-suited overlord of the desert land of Dessilus, where lizard men and spirit walkers roam free.

6)  Paul Davis, the mastermind behind the land of Jandor, where dragon riders and merfolk wage war.

And to the other delightfully diverse folk I have met through the literary travails.

7)  Jex Collyer, my favouritest born-and-bred English person in the whole wide world!

8)  Anneque Malchien, a fellow author who shares a Southern Hemisphere continent with myself.  Drawn together by a love of science fiction and shared writing challenges.

9)  J.  Aurel Guay, who allowed me the privilege of beat-reading a short story that is now being published in a forthcoming anthology!


And those are the people I correspond with most regularly.  Thank you all for being the most supportive and encouraging group an aspiring author could wish for =)


24 responses

  1. You are a sweetie 😀 I am honoured to be part of your wordpress family! That distant cousin that lives abroad and you secretly hope doesn’t show up at family occasions perhaps XD

    1. I’m the awkward one sitting on the couch, making small chat or otherwise watching the machinations of the room =P

      1. I would definitely be at the buffet. Or the bar

      2. The bar sounds like a good plan. What’s the drink of choice? Who buys the first round?

      3. I’ll buy the first round, if you’re happy to get me a G & T on yours 🙂 With ice. And lime!

      4. Done. A Johnnie Black or Double Black on the rocks will suit me nicely. Bringing a friend to the function? What’s their pick?

      5. If my partner comes he will have some manner of European lager 🙂 or maybe Jameson’s and Coke XD. Mmmmm just fancy a tipple now

      6. Can’t say that I’ve tried Jamesons before. Best beer is Stella Artois from the tap (tastes foul once its bottled; no idea why!)

      7. Andy doesn’t mind a Stella, but Peroni is supposedly nice. I don’t drink lager though…tastes too much like beer XD

      8. Have tried Peroni, but it wasn’t a revelation. But that was in bottled form, so maybe off the tap it will be much better.

        No beers for you? That’s why whichever deity actually rules the roost allowed us to create spirits =)

      9. Haha, I think the predecessors figured that out when they saw the birds having a grand old time staggering around the apple orchards.

        “That looks like fun. Let’s investigate those birds and their drunken tomfoolery!”

      10. Indeed! And the staggering hedgehogs 😀

      11. “I think someone’s trying to kill me. All these stabbing pains in my back…”

        “Go home hedgehog, you’re drunk!”

      12. Though not quite kiddie-friendly, a ‘The Hangover’ style story involving a few different animals and their visiting a fruit orchard could prove amusing =P

      13. Not sure if they’d pick it up. Maybe Dreamworks and they’d work a sequence into ‘Rio 3’ =P

  2. Hey, a pingback to one of their pages is a rather efficient way of notifying them. I’ll have to remember that. My way took a lot longer. It took me a good…five minutes, I believe.

    1. Smart indeed. Whoever invented it deserves a hearty well done =)

  3. Delighted to be considered part of your WordPress family (I’m the crochety maiden aunt who makes everyone bizarre baked treats they don’t really care for, and sends them woolen socks for their birthdays instead of cold hard cash or enchanting presents). I function best under the rubric “Age brings privilege,” and as I am almost certainly older than you, this works for my tendency to do both of the above things I just mentioned.

    1. I am intrigued. What makes your baked treats bizarre?

      1. I’m just riffing on a basic joke about maiden aunts. But for a truly hilarious nightmarish and similar sort of joke, read (within about the first 100 pages) in Thomas Pynchon’s “Gravity’s Rainbow” the British candy encyclopedic joke for a basic understanding of the question. (In many kinds of literature, a long recounting of many, many items in detail–i.e., encyclopedic in form–is a part of the basic structure. It can be a list of birds, animals, dishes to be served at a feast, people present, anything, basically. In “Gravity’s Rainbow,” Pynchon plays on this to produce a spoof and truly hilarious form of this literary convention, with the most grotesque combinations of candy forms, things it sounds really horrible to ingest. I take off on maiden aunts’ baked goods from there!).

      2. Found a transcript at the web address below.

        That was indeed a most torturous drill of offensive sweets. Poor Tyrone =\

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