Too many story ideas!

Had a story idea and not quite sure how to work it.  A fantastical coming-of-age story maybe?

Seven girl protagonists, all named a hue of the colours of the rainbow.

Ruby, Mary (Marigold), Zit (nickname derived from Citrine), Emma (Emerald), Skye, Kid (Orchid), Amy (Amethyst).

One antagonist, a fellow named Ashley Davy.  Guess his colour?

The world is having its colour removed.  Actual colour removal, or the population is being colour-blinded?

The girls (well, some of them) love playing superheroines.  Amethyst is a shade of violet, so she pretends to save the world as Ultraviolet.

Try and mash up Stand By Me, Pleasantville, Sucker Punch (the visual aspect at least)…



4 responses

  1. Well, DJ, better too many ideas than too few, I always say! How’s about finishing up Sayeh and Zia for me? I’m still waiting to hear from that. Also, the hybrid stories–where are those going? I never object to too many stories, as long as you don’t leave me hanging (and I can turn into a real nag!). Ha-ha! Ta!

    1. If you email me, I can give you the gist of it. Not sure how long it will take to actually finish the story, as I have study and job-searching to do until the end of October.

      1. Sorry, didn’t mean to rush you–I’ll just wait until you actually publish the end of the “Sayeh and Zia,” since you’ve already got it slated for completion. Good luck with the job search, by the way. I figured you must be busy with something, since I haven’t heard from you for a while, blogging wise.

      2. Busy either studying, looking for jobs, playing Wii U or trying to find something to rebuild my self-confidence.

        As someone once said… “I have many useful talents, none of which generate an income” =P

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