Halloween! Eek (the cat)

2 weeks until the freakiest night of the year, that which all dysmorphic pumpkins fear…

The objective of the exercise is to dress up in scary gear, and convince people into giving you lollies anyway.  Was the ‘treat’ originally given out of fear?  Maybe Dracula had a sugar craving one night, and it caught on with the kids.

Scary stories are the norm of course, normally being reserved for a campfire.  All good scary stories prey on fear, and rely on the always-scary premises of carnivorous creatures hiding in the dark, big spiders, your friendly neighbourhood werewolf, the old widow in the mansion on the hill, the local dentist…  the list goes on.

True story.  Last night, while web surfing in the dark front room of the house, I noticed a peculiar dark spot near the wall.  My investigative urge got the better of me, so I turned on the light.  The spot was a nicely sized spider.  I snuck into the bedroom, getting a shoe from the closet, and returning to whack the spider.  I missed, but it left what seemed like hundreds of baby spiders in its previous position.   I goaded the mother spider out of its hiding spot and delivered the coup de grace, before getting the bug spray from the laundry to do the same for the littlies.

Hmmm, typing that almost makes me feel guilty…

What scares you the most?


7 responses

  1. Hey, there, DJ! I send you many scary returns of the season! My fears have gone through stages. When I was a teenager, I was thrilled by vampires. Later on, in my twenties, a good werewolf tale could chill my senses. Now that I have reached a mature age (which is enough to give me fears on its own), what will wake me up with startled screams out of a deep slumber every time (I kid you not) is the dream of someone standing beside my bed looking down at me as I sleep. This is a dream which recurs every so often, probably in response to stress or something in life (you know how the psycho-babble goes), and I always turn on the light by the bed and sit there for a few minutes, just sort of surreptitiously verifying that there’s no one there but me. Oh, for a vampire or a werewolf!

  2. The nightmares that wake me up are the ones where one of my kids gets hurt. And a fear of falling. I’m not very spooked by something that can be killed or beheaded or something. Bring on the monsters!

    1. Therefore, a kidnapper who disables parents by causing them to experience subjective vertigo would be pretty scary?

      1. Submit that to Richard Castle and see what he can do with it =)

  3. The poor little buggers! XD Though I suppose in your part of the world they could quite potentially be rather dangerous :O

  4. Dismorphic pumpkins. LOL.

    Your spider story has given me the creeps now. Thanks for that.

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