You are forced to learn another language.  Given the choice of any language in the world, which one would you learn?

I would learn Farsi.

It is said that globalisation is causing many languages to die out.  Would the world having a ‘public language’ and a ‘private language’ help?  The ‘public language’ would be a mass hybridisation of the world’s languages, which would be interesting when it comes to incorporating lilting and guttural accents.


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  1. If not for the EU, English would likely be dying out. Now it’s one of the primary languages again! Spanish and Chinese are really taking off as the major languages. I’d likely learn Spanish.

    1. Understandable, as one would want to be understood by as many people as possible. You wouldn’t consider a language considered to be dying out?

      1. I mean I’d love to learn Hindi and Sanskrit for fun. Spanish, though, I could teach in Latin America. Hindi and Sanskrit would be to know a language that doubles as art.

  2. First, I’m going to eventually polish up my German to where I can call myself ‘fluent’. Then, for some reason I have always had a lot of interest in learning Swedish. I like how it is mutually intelligible with Danish and Norwegian. My other choice would be Japanese, I absolutely love their tradition and culture.

    1. It is pretty cool for different languages to have common roots that make them understandable, despite the differences that developed over time.

      Speaking Japanese would be cool. Their writing style is so elegant also, so I believe it adds to the appeal of the language =)

      1. Right? I didn’t know that about those languages until I looked into it further.

        And yeah, getting to a level of even just conversational Japanese would be so cool! I’ve actually been seriously considering visiting Japan for my first time when Tokyo has the Olympics in 2020, but there is PLENTY of time to make those plans! 🙂

  3. Anneque G. Malchien | Reply

    What about Esperanto? It’s said to be the fastest language to learn because of its simplicity, and it’s a true international language.
    That said, I’d probably learn Mandarin.

    1. I had not heard of Esperanto. The information on Wikipedia is fascinating already =)

      I always think of fruit when I hear Mandarin…

      1. Anneque G. Malchien

        And a delicious meal when you hear Cantonese?

        I like the idea of learning a little known language. Especially one that isn’t well-recorded.

      2. Yes, Kan Tong is usually passable for stir-in sauce =)

        Absolutely! The aim behind Esperanto is a noble one, and its (supposed) ease of learning is a good thing =)

      3. Anneque G. Malchien

        Yeah I think the average time to be reasonably fluent in Esperanto is something like 140 hours, compared to four times that much for English and so on.

  4. I’ve learned a number of languages in the course of my student life, and the sad fact is that without daily practice in the writing and speaking of a language, it dies out from the memory. I think that I would probably learn another language now if cultural changes came about that made it necessary. Gotten lazy, I guess.

    1. haha I had a feeling it would be mentioned. I am watching “Fry’s Planet Word”, and one person Stephen Fry spoke to deliberately taught his son Kling-on instead of English. It lasted for 2-3 years, until the child started speaking English instead. The urge and desire to be understood sits at the core methinks.

  5. I sadly would choose Latin. Yes its dead but I would love knowing a language that lies at all languages roots.

    1. Good call. There is a language entitled ‘Proto-Indo-European’, PIE for short, which is the trunk of the language evolutionary tree. They believe it began in the lands between the Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

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