What scares the scary folk?

Everyone is scared of the antagonists in horror flicks, due to their bloodlust and creepy antics.

What would be horrific to horror characters?  Something even more horrific (creatures from a lower level of Hell), or something disgustingly sweet (Boo in ‘Monsters Inc’)?


8 responses

  1. Tooth brush…. Most horror creatures serve some sort of master. I’d say at the end of the day, the horror creatures all fear Cthuhlu. And there’s something in the cosmos that even he squirms to think about. And when he squirms it looks awesome with all those tentacles flopping all over the place.

    1. Very nice, gave me the inspiration for one of the more popular horror characters in the story. I’ll name them in your honour =)

  2. Monsters are afraid of innocence – those who can not be corrupted – because they fear the purity of a clear conscious will shine a light into their dark souls and ultimately destroy them.

    1. An uncorruptable monster? An intriguing idea. Thanks Cheri =)

    1. *best Troy McClure voice*
      Don’t kid yourself Jex. If a kitten ever got the chance, it’d eat you and everyone you care about!

  3. Well, remember the Medusa and creatures whom a view of directly turns people to stone? David Foster Wallace has a puppet show in “Infinite Jest” in which characters hold up mirrors to other creepy characters to give them a view of themselves (which, predictably, turns them to stone and etc.). I would say complete self-knowledge would scare the scary folk, hence.

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