Because you need time to read: audio book and podcast

The exceedingly generous Anneque G. Malchien allocated some podcast time to a review of ‘On Venusian Cloud Colony Number Nine’, amongst other more deserving works.

The review starts at 5:35.

Thank you very much Anneque =)

Anneque G. Malchien

Who else is gearing down for the weekend? No? No, me neither.

Today I have some very exciting news. My short story Salt Pan Gospel is now available as an audio book! You can get it for free when you sign up to my newsletter. It’s free to listen to and download and share with your friends and family, and it’s read by manwithoutabody, who should be the next Doctor Who. He’s kinda hammy and very suave, and he did a brilliant job reading. Tom Baker himself would not have been better.

You can sign up to the newsletter with that big ugly button on the side bar that says “Click Here to Sign Up”. When you have, once a fortnight you’ll get an email from me full of free things. True, this is mainly news and cocktail recipes, but it’s also an update on all the goings-on on the…

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