3,700 Year Old Wine Cellar Discovered in Israel



Another recent and fascinating discovery in Near Eastern archaeology! Check out the article below:

“Archaeologists digging at the archaeological site of Tel Kabri, near Nahariya in northern Israel, have discovered what they believe is the oldest and largest wine cellar in the Near East.


The cellar was unearthed in the ruined palace of the rulers of Tel Kabri, the capital of a Middle Bronze Age Canaanite kingdom (1,700 BC).

As archaeologists excavated in the palace, they uncovered a 3-foot-long jug, later dubbed Bessie. “We dug and dug, and all of a sudden, Bessie’s friends started appearing – five, 10, 15, ultimately 40 jars packed in a 15-by-25-foot storage room. This is a hugely significant discovery – it’s a wine cellar that, to our knowledge, is largely unmatched in its age and size,” explained excavations co-director Dr Eric Cline of the George Washington University.

The 40 Canaanite storage jars have…

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  1. Boy, if you could purchase it, I’ll bet those amphora would contain some pricey vinegar, after all this time!

    1. I am sure it will end up in a Michelin-starred restaurant somewhere =)

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