Animals and Bone Weaponry

A fictional world cannot be composed entirely of humans, so I have been digging into which animals are where on humble old Earth.

As an aside, were there animals on Coruscant or Trantor?  Forests and crops?

A prominent cat breed across much of Eurasia is the unsurprisingly named Eurasian Lynx.  Doesn’t this bearded one look dignified?

I thought antelopes were only in Africa, but they are actually prominent in Eurasia.  One breed with particularly awesome horns is the Blackbuck, resident of India.

There are even desert-adapted breeds of antelope, such as the Arabian Oryx and the awesomely-named Scimitar Oryx (North Africa).

To flesh out my world, merchants back in the earlier years would have relied on trade in animal products, furs being the quickest one to come to mind.  Maybe some of them trade particularly awesome animal skeletons, especially with the weaponry community…

Now, birds… the happy sort, not the destructive ones…  Classified information.  This is interesting though.


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  1. Cool research! Up on Mount Tomah in the Blue Mountains they have a slope planted only with trees, ferns etc that were around in ancient days – I found that fascinating to walk through! Didn’t encounter any ancient animals though 🙂

    1. I think I remember seeing that on ‘Wonders of Life’ recently…

      That’s a shame. A T-Rex or Raptor would have been awesome if one had adequate weaponry =)

  2. I see you’re keeping busy. Maybe some of the animals you are researching could go in your hybrid animal-human worlds….

    1. Possibly. Good thinking Doc. Hope all is going well with you =)

  3. […] Animals and Bone Weaponry ( […]

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