Reading Status for 2 January 2014



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  1. Will be really interested to hear what you think of Shaman’s Crossing. I am a borderline obsessive fan of the Farseer Trilogy but I couldn’t get on with the Liveship Traders ones at all. I didn’t even finish the first book. And then Soldier’s Son was the same (I think that’s the one before Shaman’s Crossing, am I right?) Let me know if you think I should try them again

    1. Did you super-squee with the announcement of the new “Fitz and Fool” trilogy starting this year? “The Fool’s Assassin” is due out August this year.

      Soldier’s Son is the series name. First book is Shaman’s Crossing, then Forest Mage, then Renegade’s Magic. I will be sure to advise if it is worth the effort, but I have every faith in Ms Hobb =)

      1. Ah yes! I thought they both sounded familiar! Yes let me know! And NO I didn’t know about that trilogy!! SUPER SQUEE

      2. A jig of super-happiness ensued when I saw it. That is my most cast-iron pre-order since ‘A Dance With Dragons’ =)

      3. I will definitely need that. Fitz and Fool have always been my favourites and the books so far are actually some of my favourite books of all time!

      4. Absolutely in that boat with you. I am quite certain Ms Hobb is the only person who can describe a garden for five pages or so and I will willingly read it =)

        One character who sticks in my head, and whose whole story inspires me greatly, is Queen Kettricken. The whole ‘Sacrifice’ idea of nobility inspires my idea of rulers in the ‘Big Project’.

        Hard to forget Nighteyes also…

      5. Oh yes she is an excellent character. Yes her background too wonderfully realised. OMG night eyes 😥

      6. Only Nighteyes and Marley have drawn a tear…

      7. My cat’s called Marley :3

      8. I still found it hard to forgive Verity, even though he made the ultimate sacrifice for his people. He left them all behind!

        Oh my the bit where Fitz rescues the Fool from the ice caves! I’m welling up just thinking about it

      9. And to suffer Regal, the poor folk. Pity that dragon-building was not an overnight task, but it sure gave the Red Ships what for! >)

        I was expecting Fool to die, so I think I was resigned to it. Glad that he/she did not, so we get a new trilogy. Yay!

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