Fellow Aspiring Writer for 10 January 2014

Well, tomorrow looks like fun.  A nice and balmy 44° C (111° F) predicted, with a factor of +2-3 degrees above the norm in my neck of the woods.  Perfect day to go to the movies and see ‘Frozen’.  Must be the little bit of revenge Summer is throwing our way for being a tiny bit milder this year…

– Fr –

Gotta love it when motivation hits.  Decided to actually use an exercise book I purchased some years ago for story writing.  Three hours later, and two new scenes (and the start of a third) for my little corner of the ‘Lands of Unitus’.  Wednesday does not have a regular post scheduled, so maybe it can be dubbed ‘Asamai Day’.  Three concurrent projects?  Hooray, something to keep me busy in between applying for jobs and playing referee to the young’uns.

– Fr –

In some awesome news, Anneque Malchien has begun a brand new serial on her site.  Be sure to check it out! The name alone sells it =)

– Fr –

There is a  fellow named Mercilo Daviss.  He was nice enough to opt to follow my blog.  Unlike me, who is looking to develop ‘waxing lyrical’ literary skills, Mercilo is looking to bring you ‘Worlds and moments in about 250 words per day’.  Which is quite considerate of him, as it can become quite hard to keep up with every person who follows you.  Like a mini Fry’s Turkish Delight, you can get your fix quickly with minor interruption to your busy schedule.  Would you kindly (sorry, couldn’t resist) reward this considerate man by checking out a handful of his posts?  Below are links to his first five.

Little Man

A pair offsetting each other nicely, Fire Spirit and Rain Dance.

And a pair whose titles make me think of a particular Mel Brooks movie, Prince of Tights and Locksmith.

Keep up the good work Mercilo =)

– Fr –


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