BOOK REVIEW Acquisitions

I was lucky enough to receive a pre-release copy of the novel ‘Acquisitions’, the first novel in the ‘Plague Legacy’ trilogy being written by Christine Haggerty.  Spoilers will be kept to as minimal a level as possible.

The central character is a young orphan named Cameron Landry, currently living in a remote United States community made up of plague orphans.  The survivors are split into two categories:  The Mutants, those who have survived and somehow grown stronger from it, and everyone else.  It seems that the Mutants are the way of the future.  Being in the latter category, life does not look too rosy for Cam.

A glimmer of hope arrives when Cam is selected by the military to leave the orphanage, and head towards a far-away location named Salvation.  The hope is faint, as it is known that the Mutants shipped to this promised land are the most valuable, with Cam considered of no worth.  Two others travel with him and the military, Mutant twins named Devon and Tara.  The former has an intense dislike for Cam that only seems to grow, while Tara likes him quite a lot.  With Devon jealously looking to sabotage their relationship, for reasons known only to the twins, young Mister Landry is friendless in a hostile new world.

Upon the cross-country trip, Cam learns that he may not be as worthless as common knowledge would indicate.  Through one of the military men accompanying the group, it is believed that a cure for the plague can be found.  And they believe they have.

Our main character is a likeable guy, who is haunted by his past and has a degree of survivor’s guilt.  Many of us would fall into a rut and become resigned to the futility of it all, but Cam still cares about the others around him.  His feud with Devon seems to instil a degree of survival instinct in him, as he knows that the Mutant would only focus his torment on another helpless soul, most of all his sister.

The secondary characters all play their parts well, and Christine does well to maintain an air of mystery around them.  There is a secret the twins share, which is gradually alluded to and revealed throughout the book.  The military man who looks to be keeping an eye out for Cam seems to know more than he’s letting on, and even his allegiance is questionable.  There are plenty of secrets remaining, and that is before our group reach Salvation.

I highly recommend you that you read ‘Acquisitions’.  Everything is set for the next instalment, ‘Assets’, to be even better =)

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