Why I’m not a betting man, and other things!

My picks for the NFL Divisional Round was pretty disastrous, one pick of the four eventuating.

Seattle def. New Orleans

New England def.  Indianapolis

San Francisco def. Carolina

Denver def.  San Diego

The Conference Round will have Seattle facing San Francisco, and Denver hosting New England.  Picking a North-West Superbowl, with Seattle and Denver winning through.

– Mo –

I am not sure what it is about Patrick O’Brian’s writing, but it is a big fight to get into the story.   Have tried to read at the steady pace of 40 pages per day, but am struggling to get through 15-20 pages before falling asleep.  Considering both attempts have been in the early afternoon makes one wonder if it is a circadian rhythm issue, or a writer issue.  Nevertheless, the last two have picked up after the initial phase, so faith must be had in  Mister O’Brian’s work.

– Mo –

Apologies for not posting the next scene of ‘Sayeh and Zia’.  The reasons (however poor) were taking the family and sister to see ‘Frozen’, and then heading out for dinner.  The other was having to do some study to confirm what is needed for Scene 3.  The scene sets up Chapter 7, and it is not with the ladies.

The motivator to not fall behind:  Alongside applying for jobs tomorrow, there is a scene for both ‘Sayeh and Zia’ and ‘Achromatic’ to write.  Busyness!


2 responses

  1. Warms the heart to see you take family out, though 🙂 As for football, my friend who lives in the Carolinas said the people were crying out that evening.

    1. It seemed that the touchdown SanFran snuck in in the dying seconds of Q2 swung the whole game. Completely neutralised Newton in the second half, and down went Carolina. 49ers deserved the win, it cannot be argued otherwise =\

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