Brides of Chucky!

By complete accident, I stumbled across two fine ladies who both competed in one of Chuck Wendig’s flash fiction challenges.  It almost made me wish I had an icosahedral die =)

The very talented Cheri K. Endsley wrote a story entitled ‘The Flight of the God’.  I am 99.998% confident you will cheer when the meaning of the title becomes apparent =)

The publishee juggernaut that is Jex Collyer posted a heartwarming story that shows there is more to a name that it may seem.

Once you’ve checked out these ladies’ work, check out everyone else who took part in Chuck’s challenge.  There is three comments pages worth of them, so the variety is bound to be immense =)


2 responses

  1. Aces, thanks DJ! Loving the new look too!

  2. Appreciate the support!

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