Who was shocked by Sayeh and Zia Intermission 6?  The trick with such things is making certain that it does not come out of nowhere, even when the situation was in flux up until the first big reveal regarding the title characters.

How late have you left the final decision on a crucial plot point?

– Mo –

One other shock kicked in in the last day or so.  Wii Fit Plus tells me that in the span of just over 100 days, I have put almost 9 kilograms (20 pounds)!  And unfortunately, it is not due to Hulk-style muscle gain =(

Try as I might, I need to be in a gym to get motivated to exercise.  There are always distractions at home, unless you wake up pre-Sun to burn your calories.  And who likes doing that?  Did my 5-6 years of disgustingly early work wake-ups, and do not wish to see them again.

There may be some muscle gain, as the new year’s gains coincided with starting up a regular exercise regime.  Early days, but got a new PB this morning with the calorie counter saying 511 kilocalories (2138 kilojoules) in a 30 minute cycling session.  Temper the exercise with less sugar intake (Pepsi Max, not Pepsi!), and hopefully the gut will burn its way off before I can volunteer for the 2014 Santa Program =S

What’s your exercise regime?  Prefer morning or afternoon sessions?

– Mo –


4 responses

  1. Dear DJ, I feel your pain! During the whole time I’ve been working on the project for my two friends who were ill, I convinced myself that I didn’t have time to exercise, and now, though the weight hasn’t gone up, it’s bad enough already and I have a lot of catching up to do to be ready for spring. By the by, the caramel coloring in Pepsi and Coke and other cola beverages causes cancer in rats and mice, if that helps you kick your habit at all! See, now that my project is over, I can give buttinski advice to other people!

    1. If anything, having something to work towards is a helpful thing. Though proactivity is the best option, it sure can sneak up on you quickly =S

      Really? *sigh* Everything enjoyable in the world seems to kill you these days!

      I hope your friends are on the mend =)

  2. Good luck on your exercising. I had gained 20 pounds at one point, as well, but I dieted and exercised everyday until it was all gone. Now I’m lucky enough that I get to eat what I want, and if I gain a little, I just diet for a couple of days until it goes down again. It was miserable when I had a lot to lose, though, but I think I made it worse than it had to be. I exercised really hard at least 30 minutes a day, and I ate almost nothing. But, I just wanted it to be over so I could eat my delicious snacks again.

    1. You have to eat something, just not unhealthy stuff! While not completely healthy, Pepsi Max tastes good and is not 50% of your daily sugar intake in one can (Pepsi). That and a red apple covers base for me =)

      Just finished a 30 minute challenge to burn 500 KCals on the bike; got there with just over a minute to spare =)

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