Reading Status for 31 January 2014

202 Reading Status


4 responses

  1. Cool! I love this little chart of yours. Great snapshot and all the key info. Very clever.

    1. Thank you very much =)

      I see you write historical fiction. We share a love for the genre =) Do you have some excerpts of your work on your sites?

      I am currently on the home stretch of my second HF novella, ‘Sayeh and Zia’, which is based in 400AD Arabia with a splash of Egypt, Persia and Eastern Roman Empire. My first, ‘Mune and Mura’, was based in Feudal Japan in the late 1500’s.

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting; greatly appreciated =)

      1. Yes, we do share a genre! I am writing but a long way from something to share publicly. No excerpts yet. I have a solid outline, the first 3rd in 1st draft and am doing the more specific research for the middle section now. I am so behind and life keeps interfering. (I start a 11 hours/7 days a week Day Job gig even today!) I hope to at least continue my current research in the meantime.

        But wow! 400AD Arabia! That’s so close to what I am doing (7th Century Near East). I would love to read it! (I will NOT read it for a while yet though – I am steering clear of books a little close to mine until mine is more solidified.)

        I will have a closer look at your blog to see what you have to say about your work.I really do love your little chart. You may have seen my comments on my blog(s) that I don’t “review” books but something like your chart would work for me too.

        Thanks for following!

      2. I felt faint reading those working hours. Really? That’s legal? I hope the pay is really good, and that you even have energy to research afterwards =)

        Your story sounds interesting already. Good luck with it, and can’t wait to hear more about it =)

        I do not say much about my work, preferring to let it speak for itself, and for readers to provide feedback.

        My pleasure =)

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