Season Over!

Three straight picks to close out the 2013 NFL season.  Congrats to the Seahawks!

Anti-climactic season deciders are never a good thing, but Seattle had Denver’s number from the get-go.  The safety points conceded in the opening seconds of the first half seemed to completely throw the Broncos, and from there the West Coast defence completely shut down their inland competition.  Seattle’s two long-run touchdowns (1 intercept, 1 TD from kick-off) made me feel sorry for Denver.

Bad luck Broncos; the better team won.  I hope there are some lessons learned from this, and that you come back in 2014 burning for redemption.

– Mo –

Tomorrow night will be the latest instalment of ‘Achromatic’, the Science Fiction/Historical Fiction piece new to the site.  Three of the main characters have been introduced in some form (Scarlett Redman, Emma Forrest, Amber Marigold), in amongst the historical figures.  Four remain, making me wonder if I should break my cardinal novella rule of four scenes per chapter.  Should all the mains be known by the end of the first chapter?

– Mo –


2 responses

  1. Dear DJ, Not a fan, really of football (and clueless as to what the “downs” are all about), I was nevertheless out yesterday in the 53 degreeF weather to get some wings and pizza (clearly football food), so I took it home and decided to watch the game, rooting for the Seahawks. I was thrilled by their derring-do, though disappointed, of course, that they encountered so little resistance. But they won, and that’s the main thing. I almost felt that they had worked off my extra calories for me! Anyway, today is snowing and cold again, so the delirium is over from where I stand. As to your “Achromatic,” I think you should do whatever allows you to get the story told most excitingly, whether that is to stick by your scheme of numbers and allot so much excitement to each block, or whether that is to forge ahead into new territory and do it differently. Only you can know! (No help, am I? I eagerly await the next segment.).

    1. I understand your confusion; I never understood the ‘1st and 8’, ‘2nd and 10’ et cetera until I researched it. Once I did, a better appreciation of the game was found.

      Thanks for your thoughts, your trusting of my story pacing ability, and your support =)

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