Reading Status for 7 February 2014

Loving Conqueror at the moment!  The focus is split between Hulagu Khan and Kublai Khan, the former with his first steps in establishing his Ilkhanate in Persia, and the latter starting the push into Song territory.  As you may or may not remember, Hulagu Khan was to play a very important part in my planned NaNoWriMo 2013 entry.  Unfortunately, it did not eventuate, but it will become a reality sometime in the future =)

Super excited that I will be beginning a new Raymond E. Feist trilogy upon completing the Conqueror saga!  Raymond, you had me at ‘Magician’ =)

Which author always gets you super excited when you start their series?

– Fr –

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  1. I always get excited before reading Rebecca Bradley’s ‘Lady in Gil’ trilogy. They are some of my fave books and whenever I finish re-reading always counting down to when I’ve forgotten enough about them to read them again

    1. Interesting. Is it the sort of series I would enjoy?

      1. I think you would, DJ! It’s not grand, high fantasy: it’s more on Robin Hobb’s style in terms of language. But they’re bloody funny too. Stories are amazing 🙂

      2. Hmm, sounds like a good series to find once my current reading list starts thinning out. Thanks for the suggestion =)

      3. Welcome! You can probably only get them second hand these days but they might be in amazon marketplace :)very much worth a look though

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