Free Creativity Booster!

The one thing we all need as writers is a healthy dose of creativity.  There is an unfathomably deep pool of writers in the world, and to stand out you have to reach deep into your hat to pull out a rainbow rabbit singing Sinatra.

Some time ago, I taped a show called ‘Redesign Your Brain with Todd Sampson‘.  The premise of the series was to take Mister Sampson, and over three episodes try to make him smarter, more creative and improve self-control.  To anyone who knows a little bit about Todd Sampson, you wouldn’t think he needs to be smarter or more creative.  However, the third episode is impressive, as he trains his brain (with help from the world’s best in the field, of course) to overcome his greatest fear (hint: Houdini).

The second episode had an almost throw-away line that stuck in my head.  Supposedly, you can help make yourself more creative by brushing your teeth with your ‘other hand’.

Why is this?  Let’s look at this picture from the Left Hander’s Day (13th August, FYI) website:

Get a right-hander using their left hand to do things, and the new neural pathways carved in your brain will improve their creativity.  So, for left-handers like me?  Use your right hand; the same situation applies.  Researchers now believe it is a matter of having a dominant side of your brain, not the explicit split as the picture implies.

So, free and easy… well, free at least.  Brushing your teeth with your other hand may be quite easy, but learning to write with your other hand will take a few weeks of persistent effort.  Give it a go for a few weeks, and check in to let us know if you noticed any significant change.

Who’s up for Monday Puzzles?  Anything that helps fire up the creative neurons should be a good thing…


5 responses

  1. I really should brush my teeth, shouldn’t I? 😉 Thanks for the information!

    1. Anything to help the cogs work more efficiently and effectively =)

  2. Very interesting, DJ! Thanks for the tips! Incidentally, I brush my teeth with both hands, switching the toothbrush back and forth. I write with my right hand and crochet with my right hand, but unlike other crocheters (known jokingly among themselves as “happy hookers”), I also use the left hand very heavily to work the stitches onto the crochet hook. I sew with my left hand, and during the days when I played softball, I could bat (as well as I could bat, anyway) with either hand dominant. I’m not sure whether this makes me truly ambidextrous or not, as people tend to judge that by what hand you write with, but I’ve also heard the term “mixed brain dominance,” which I think has something to do with all this stuff, but which I’ve never investigated in any detail yet. You didn’t expect the tale of my life, did you, when you invited comment?

    1. Personal insight on an issue is always appreciated Doc =)

      Mixed brain dominance is likely where the traits noted on the chart do not align to one particular half of the brain. It is quite a complex weave, our brains =)

  3. Hey, I should really try that. I’ve been a bit lacking in creativity lately. Maybe it just might work…

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