Infernal War Machine: the Sunday Witch Hunters ep 6

More from the craziness of the Muraluna Witch Hunters. When I saw ‘War Machine’, I half-expected Iron Man to be involved somehow =)

Anneque G. Malchien

Well hallo anyone who survived yesterday’s red light reading district. 😀

In episode 6 of The Sunday Witch Hunters, Joe winds down from his first job as an exorcist, Lily pays a visit, and Drake hides some disturbing news… news which will change the fate of the Muraluna Witch Hunters forever.

Characters in this chapter:

  • Joe Malone (17): student. A generally serious young man with a talent for putting his foot in his mouth.
  • Balthazar “the Chief” Knox (28): librarian, demonologist. Manages the Muraluna Witch Hunters.
  • Erin Ireland (18): shoe shop assistant. Erin doesn’t always have lines, but when she does, they’re somebody else’s.
  • Lily Buchanan (22): law student. Possessed by Drake, Lily nevertheless knows exactly what she wants.
  • Drake (354): god of death. A horrible failure of a demonic Fate who tried to swindle Joe’s kidneys.

Wut. Wut.

The Sunday Witch Hunters

Episode 6: The Infernal War Machine


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