Reading Status for 13 February 2014

215 Reading Status


5 responses

  1. You’re a monster reader, DJ!

    1. Cheers luv =)

      Feist is in a similar boat to Salvatore: nicely sized stories at roughly 400 pages, memorable characters, and that ability to keep you turning the page. Love it =)

    2. Cheers Jex. The stories are so well written, you just fly through them =)

  2. I think I’ve read everything by Fiest – at least up to a couple of years ago – so I’m probably a few books behind by now. He has some super memorable characters. A couple of the Conqueror series are in the stack by my bed waiting their turn. I’m only reading about 20 pages a night right now. 😦

    1. Absolutely right re: Feist. My current read spun the formula a little, starting in what felt more like a Native Indian scene before starting to mesh it into the greater Midkemia storyline. Little nods to the previous series (ie. Rupert Avery) bring a little smile to my face =)

      The Conqueror books are awesome! It deals with the Mongol golden period without being judgmental. Considering how despised Genghis is in some countries, it is a hard thing to avoid.

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