Fellow Aspiring Writers for 14 February 2014

Greetings everyone.  I hope your Valentine’s Day has been a good one, with chocolates and fine meals eaten, wine drunk and spent with fine company =)

I am not sure if WordPress will send me a notice tomorrow, but look at this!


100 fine people have been tricked seen fit to opt to follow my blog.  That you all have done so is immensely humbling, as I doubted that many people would want my work clogging up their WordPress Reader.  Thank you very very very much =D

– Fr –

With so many quality people, it is hard to pick someone to put a focus on… I’ll cheat and put the spotlight on my 100th follower =)

Mister Dave Kearney, of the Scenes and Sequels site (bonus points for the catchy title!), is a multi-talented bloke.  As well as writing, he has spent many years as a musician and performer.  The musical dream has not happened yet, but it has edged him towards exploring the writing craft.  Below are links to some flash fiction pieces he has written (Mister Chuck Wendig sure gets around!).  There is undeniable talent, waiting to be honed further =)

Flash Fiction 200-words-at-a-time Challenge Part 1

The Forest Road (Flash Fiction Challenge Part 2)

Stewart (Flash Fiction Challenge Part 3)

Untitled (Flash Fiction Challenge Part 4)

As well as his writing, Dave puts up some thought-provoking pieces on the art of writing, as well as some harsh reality about getting your literary works out there.

Head on over to check out his work.  I believe it’s worth it =)


5 responses

  1. Hi D

    Congratulations on hitting 100 followers and thanks so much for your kind words. I look forward to reading your stuff.

    All the best mate.


    1. Heya Dave. My pleasure; I enjoyed the bits of writing on your site, and look forward to new stories. Are you keeping to small works at the moment, or is there a magnum opus being quietly worked upon?

      1. Hi D

        I’m finishing off my version of the Alice short story and I’ve plotted out and written about 12,000 words toward the first draft of what I think will be a novel length work.

        I’m also planning to launch a podcast in April this year (give or take), which should be fun. There’s a website over at scenesandsequels.com with a few holding pages at the moment. I’ll start posting on it as things come together and there’s a bit more to tell.

        Thanks once again.


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