So, Is Your Creativity Boosted?

Last Monday’s post suggested use of your non-dominant hand when doing everyday things as a way to increase your creativity.

When it came to brushing teeth, I’d essentially completed the task before I could remind myself about the exercise.  Bad form!

However, I had a little more success with writing stories with my non-dominant hand.  Needless to say, it looked like my son’s writing, but who had impeccable writing skills when they were 7?  However, the wife complimented me on it actually being legible.  Small victory!

Of the exercise, one story got to two pages.  The downside of the writing right-handed was that I was lucky if seven words were in a line, so the two pages are likely 300 words at best.  The second scene made me laugh, as I unconsciously mimicked Raymond E. Feist’s habit of every chapter starting with a two word sentence.

So, for your amusement reading pleasure, may I present ‘Right-Handed Writings of Non-Dominance’.

– Mo –


Once upon a time, Right Hand was jealous of Left Hand.  His master let Left Hand do everything for him, while Right Hand was barely ever called upon.  One day, Right Hand decided that it would find a way to become Master’s favourite.  However, no matter how hard it tried, Left Hand was always better at doing Master’s bidding.  Right Hand realised that it needed to trick Master,so when they were in the kitchen, it tricked Master into chopping off Left Hand.  Right Hand reveled in its victory over its nemesis, until it felt faint and lost consciousness.

– Mo –

The Wishful Wisp

Waldo the Wisp was sad.  He wanted to play with the fairy children who lived near his home, but they ran away whenever he tried to approach them.  He asked his parents why they did so, and they told him that the fairies and the wisps hah had a falling out many many years ago.  The fairies believed themselves better than the wisps, being more beautiful and interesting, and decided to banish the wisps to their own neck of the woods.  Out of the reach of humans, they had been defamed and vilified as evil spirits that practiced dark magic.

That night, Waldo vowed to himself that he would redeem the wisps’ good name.  He would start with the fairies.

– ∞ –

Billy shivered.

His father had told him not to go wandering off by himself.  But the trek to and from the town for supplies was so boring, while the brooding forest seemed to beckon him.

The mysterious hovering light had disappeared some time ago, as had the dusk light.  The wind whistled through the trees, the leaves a set of ghostly shakers resonating in the darkness all around him.

Blindly walking, trying to choke back the scream begging for release,  Billy stumbled as his foot on an exposed tree root.  Blowing the soil and leaves form his mouth, he desperately looks for something to guide him from the labyrinth of trees.

Suddenly, a floating orb of light appeared in front of him.

– Mo –

Didn’t know the other half of my brain was so fairy tales stylised!  And sorry, the closest thing to fairy wings I could find in WordPress’ symbols dictionary was the infinity sign.

In other news, Wednesday the 19th of February 2014 is a special day.  Below is why!

Feb 19 2013

One full year since a particular story crash landed in my mind, while I was busy writing ‘On Venusian Cloud Colony Number Nine’.

My gift to ‘Sayeh and Zia’, on its first birthday, is to complete it.  ‘Achromatic’  and ‘Asamai’ will be posted later in the week to ensure this happens.  Tomorrow will be the penultimate scene, the closing of Chapter 7, and Wednesday will be the Epilogue.


10 responses

  1. Nice one DJ, lovely little right-hand stories 😀 And congrats on finishing your project, must feel good 😀

    1. It will do on Wednesday. Have Scene 4 ready to go after a read-over, and still working on the Epilogue. Cheers for the kudos =)

  2. You’re from a British English writing land. I can’t believe it took “favourite” for me to realize this. Australia?

    Anyway, awesome stories. Those are so the stories you write just to get the juices flowing that no one ever sees, but they’re often times awesome in their own way. Good luck finishing up the story!

    1. Yep =)

      There’s always a kernel of awesomeness to each story; the trick is to keep feeding each idea until it becomes good enough to support a full arc =)

      Cheers for the kind words =)

  3. Yes, maybe all those little off-handed stories are provoking your creative juices and causing you to feel more like finishing the others in a rush. That wouldn’t be bad, would it? Not as long as you keep up the quality, which I trust you with!

    1. Not rushing on a creative juices high; it was a new year resolution to finish S&Z on or before its 1 year anniversary.

      Thank you for the trust =)

  4. The right-hand one was a good read. A worthwhile exercise, you think?

    1. I think so, if only to see if what seeps out is different to the usual shtick =)

      1. My writing is pretty atrocious after boxing. Does that count?

  5. I loved your short stories. I’ve been trying to do things left-handed (including switching the Wiimote and nunchuck controllers when I play “Animal Crossing” on the Wii, a task quite impossible with the controllers of any other consoles, unfortunately). I also can barely use a computer mouse with my right hand anymore, because I accidentally bought a left-handed desk, and so I’ve had years of practicing with a mouse with my left hand. I have not attempted writing with my opposite hand, though. My writing is illegible with my good hand, so imagine how it will look with my not so good hand.

    I sure need more creativity, though. My stories lately have been horrendous.

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