Naughty me!  I said it would be Monday, but thought that a couple more days would prove useful!

Saturday was my day for ‘Sayeh and Zia’ posts.  Surprisingly, I felt empty for a couple of days after posting the Epilogue…  as if mourning the end of something you’ve been invested in for so long.

There’s only one way to move on…  Start a new story!  And figure out how to use these polls that WordPress allows you to embed in your posts.

So, now I have a small idea of how the polls work, and it’s your chance to change history decide what happens next!  Below are quick blurbs for each story (in alphabetical order, not preference order):


Ever wondered what would happen if Ninjas, Celtic Warriors, Caribbean Pirates and Cossacks warred?

Four land masses are feeling the strain of their bulging populations.  The most lucrative trade is in alcohol, with each tribe respectively controlling the supplies of Saké, Potcheen, Rum and Vodka.  When a modest island appears as if from nowhere, and with amazingly fertile fields, the race is on to secure the land.  Who will be victorious?  Will they all lose?  Can they all just get along?

DIVORCE FORCE (Science Fiction)

In the near future, the government is able to forcibly divorce you.  After a visit from the government-sanctioned assessor, the happily married Charles and Lori are informed they must divorce.  To resist the government’s conclusion is a criminal offence.

Would you break the law for love?  Might the government be right, though the pair do not know it yet?

FALL OF XUYANA (Historical Fiction)

Around 900 AD, three Mesoamerican cities are vying to dominate the Mayan landscape.  The city of Baoc, under attack from the ascending city of Chitzache, has aligned with the powerful Xuyana in return for protection.  The source of Xuyana’s power is the ‘favour of the Gods’, which is rumoured to be a physical object held the city’s High Priest.

The title gives away what happens.  How does Xuyana fall?  What happens when it does?


Grace is a travelling mercenary for hire.  As she passes through a town, there is a recruitment drive for people with her skills to enter nearby forbidden lands.  The local legend speaks of the town’s best land being overrun by a great evil, one that the townsfolk have been unable to defeat for many generations.

Does the recruiter/team leader know more than they are sharing, and *cue Tina Turner* what’s love got to do with it?

– Sa –

What say you, fine readers?  Where do we go from here?  The result’s first entry will be posted next Saturday!

Thanking you in anticipation of your participation =)


22 responses

  1. “The Divorce Force” sounds suggestive, dystopian, and interesting. By the by, you’re in good company about the feeling of having lost something important at the end of the writing of a story–Virginia Woolf always went into a major depression after finishing a work.

    1. Cheers Doc =)

      Poor Virginia; you’d think that would have stopped her writing completely.

      1. Eventually, she did stop (she loaded her pockets up with rocks and walked into the ocean). There’s a book out about her and her “mental imbalance” called “Virgina Woolf: Female Victim of Male Medicine,” though I haven’t had a chance to read it yet.

      2. Wow, a tad extreme but I am sure it added something to her legendary status.

        Such a venomous title! Should you read it, I would provide a penny or two for your thoughts =)

  2. Anneque G. Malchien | Reply

    I think, if possible, you should write all of them at the same time.

    1. Haha, not sure my juggling skills can handle more than three stories at one time. Ask Nora Roberts/JD Robb; she’s the guru of churning out good stories once a month it seems =)

      1. Anneque G. Malchien

        Too true. I don’t mind writing/ typing/ editing three or four different stories, but trying to write more than one at a time … I’m too biased. “This one’s got a laser sword! Let’s just write it and forget the other one!”

  3. Anneque G. Malchien | Reply

    Reblogged this on Anneque G. Malchien and commented:
    What should D right next? Why can’t he write them all at once?

  4. Funny, I chose Divorce Force and now you have a 3-way but I was nearly going to chose the fantasy one – in which case you still would have had a 3-way split. I think you should just write all of them. Piece-o-cake. (Says the girl who’s not writing anything at all just now!)

    1. Cheers Lausanne. Writing all of them would have me juggling 6 stories, which I fear would dilute the rare and finite literary awesomeness I possess.

      I must say that I am surprised at the support TDF is getting in the comments. Any support is good support right? =)

  5. Divorce Force definitely, but a close second to True Love’s Last Kiss (I love fantasy). Divorce Force seems like a more realistic version of Kurt Vonnegut’s Harrison Bergeron.

    1. Mr Vonnegut is *cue Sinatra* up where the air is rarified *end cue* compared to my still aspiring works. Thanks for the comment and for following my WordPress account; please vote in the poll if you haven’t already 🙂

    2. Thanks for the pointer to Kurt Vonnegut. I have heard of him from viewing his ‘Shapes of Stories’ on Youtube. I will investigate Mr Bergeron further =)

      1. Harrison Bergeron is a classic short exaggerated story of a dystopian future where the government handicaps individuals so that everyone is equal and nobody is better than anyone else at anything. It’s strange and funny and more than a bit off-putting – but that’s Kurt Vonnegut for you.

      2. It really does make you think about the concept of equality. It is more about equality of opportunity than equality of intelligence, because the latter is impossible (despite everyone’s best efforts), and yet pursuing the former is what makes the latter possible.

  6. I had to go with Last Kiss. The premise of Divorce Force was really interesting, but I think it would be incredibly hard to write well. I’m trying to imagine keeping readers hooked while starting out with superficially flawless characters, only to reveal their flaws after the main conflict is set… then all that emotional drama that I am so bad a writing… Seems hard. Also, it probably wouldn’t have enough action to fit into my narrow selection of books I actually get around to reading 0:-)

    But you can’t go wrong with an fantasy assassin in love.

    1. Awesome! Thanks for voting J =)

      How goes the new adventures of Dr Wells and his merry misfits? =)

      1. I just wrote up ~2,000 word from the middle of the Novel to serve as an epilogue to the short story in ‘Shades and Shadows’, and a teaser for the upcoming book 😉 I hope to share it as a guest blog on another friends page this week!

  7. Interesting ideas. The Duck voted for True Love’s Last Kiss. I liked the summary the most, and I like fantasy.

    1. Thanks Duck! =D

      I took some awesome pictures of a trio of ducks near my house. I shall have to post them; have never seen a duck strike the ‘Blue Steel’ pose before =)

  8. […] small poll was posted on this very site to give you, the reader, the choice of what I should write next after […]

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