Paranormal Serial: The Sunday Witch Hunters ep 7

If you aren’t following Anneque’s series, you really are missing out on some awesome work. Never has Hell been so scary and hilarious at the same time =)

Anneque G. Malchien

The Witch Hunters are back! Due to the Fire Emblem-induced hiatus, this week SWH will hit you up twice, with episode 7 today and episode 8 released tomorrow.

The Sunday Witch Hunters is the story of 17 year old Joe Malone, who joins a backwater exorcist club in order to get closer to the beautiful, unpredictable Lily Buchanan. In episode 6 Joe finished his first job with the club, helping to exorcism a demon-possessed pig. But as Joe struggles to get his head around his new hobby and the complex relationships of the other exorcists, he oblivious to a much vaster struggle going on beneath his feet – Hell’s infernal war machines are ever-restless, and rumours abound that demonic officers will soon leave the ranks of Hellions to claim back those demons on the surface. Drake, one such demon and a friend of the Muraluna exorcists, is less than happy…

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