Random Sunday Post

Hooray for Sunday!  Usually a rest day, but had an exciting bit of news!

Look what popped up on the TV yesterday afternoon!

THE BOTTOM LINE My Twitter Comment

Some national exposure is pretty awesome, and an honorary doctorate to boot =)

As you likely realise, the Dr is a mistype of D.  My academic pursuits do not stretch to the Doctorate level, though in an ideal world I would really entertain the idea of pursuing a Doctorate of Literature.  Maybe once the kids have moved out of home, and I’ve kept up the writing practice for the next 18 years =)

Have a great Sunday everyone! (or Saturday, depending on your corner of the globe)


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  1. AWESOME! I wish that was a more acceptable viewpoint too. It seems we keep protecting people from failure as if that will make them more successful.

    1. Exactly; it just builds a society with more sore losers and more quitters. How else does one learn fortitude?

    2. The question was angled at letting kids fail more often. It’s the rare time of life where you can fail and not jeopardise your whole future. Fail when you have family and mortgage, and your life is infinitely more difficult then =S

      1. Heh, the harder you are on yourself, the easier life will be on you. The easier you are on yourself, the harder life will be on you.

      2. While true, it is quite a depressing thought…

  2. Yes, DJ, do take a doctorate in literature! We can always use more people with an interest in going in to the full (though of course the jobs aren’t out there in the discipline).

    1. What did your doctorate involve? Was it all Shakespeare and poetry, or did it involve Creative Writing within the curriculum also?

      1. Well, as you probably know, before you do a doctorate in literature, you usually preface it with a bachelor’s and a master’s in literature. The bachelor’s is all different period courses and exams unless you take an honors’ degree, in which case you might find yourself writing a thesis, of sorts. Then, the master’s. The master’s is all courses and exams also, again unless you want to do a long paper, then there’s a thesis involved there. The doctorate involves courses, special exams called the comprehensives (involving both written and oral exams), and a long final paper, which often comes in at around 250-350 pages or so, if your committee is counting pages and not words (mine was words, and it came out to a total of 298 pages, notes included). I took creative writing in my bachelor’s degree, early on, and just wrote on the side while I was going to school. But if creative writing is your special area of interest and you don’t want to try to teach literary studies of others’ texts in the discipline, then you might be better served by looking into a good M.F.A. program (master of fine arts in literature), to be followed up (assuming you want to teach creative writing) with a doctorate in fine arts. It’s all a matter of what you want to be able to do when you’re finished, within the academic structure that exists, and there are also plenty of free-lance creative writing courses out there being offered by people who just happen to be good writers without degrees. Some career counseling might be in order, as not knowing exactly what’s available where you are, I can’t do any better than all the words above to tell you what I know on the subject (sorry it’s so long). Also, things are changing in academia, and much may be different from what it was when I started and again depending upon where you are. But it’s definitely worth looking into. Good luck!

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