WIP Achromatic: Chapter 2 Scene 2

My apologies.  I have been completely side tracked by investigating the United States civil rights movements of the 1960’s, and by the geological data of Wyoming.  Such information has taken me FAR away from where my mind needs to be for Scarlett’s scene.

As a small measure of recompense, below is the synopsis of the scene.

CHAPTER 2 Scarlett Redman Synopsis

I will endeavour to have the scene posted to site by Friday, circumstances allowing.

Sorry again =(


One response

  1. Hi, DJ! My favorite professor of all time (who is a rhetorician) says, “Never apologize, never explain.” Though I feel the “never” is a bit excessive, and I can be apologetic with the best of them, I think you may be apologetic too much of the time. You write well enough to keep your loyal fans waiting for the next installment, so don’t worry. We all know you’ll get to it when you can, and it will be worth the wait.

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