Brief Hiatus! Real World intervening

Starting a temporary role tomorrow morning, lasting a month at longest.

The travel to and from work will be 2:40 per day, so hopefully I can both read and scribble down stories in my book.  I will endeavour to keep posting, but which days it is done may shuffle somewhat.

Thank you for your patience =)


7 responses

  1. You’ve got it now, DJ! You don’t necessarily have to thank people copiously for their patience after the fact if you take it as a “fait accompli” and thank them for it ahead of time. Ha! ha! Have a great work life–I hope this one treats you well, and I at least will be waiting to hear not only your latest excerpts, but what you can tell (that isn’t confidential) about the new job.

  2. Excited for you! Have fun with the job, and we’ll be here when you get back.

    1. Thanks Christine! Hopefully there’ll be time for some more Asamai writing. Getting up to the good stuff 😉

  3. Congrats on the position, DJ!

    1. Cheers Jex. Still super-chuffed about ‘Zero’ =D

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