Checking in!

Hi everyone!  I’m not dead =P

The plate is full at the moment.  Out of the house before 7am, back home after 6pm, rugby training twice a week, helping a friend get his business accounting system up and running.  With a half hour for lunch, there seems like there is no time to write =(

One good thing is that the long time travelling lets me chow through books!  Read ‘Shadowfane’, the final book in Janny Wurts’ ‘Cycle of Fire’ trilogy, in three days!  And now, onto a series I’ve been hankering to read for ages:  ‘The Fall Revolution’ Quadrilogy by Ken Macleod.  Loving it so far =)

A project that has gathered momentum is the ‘Lands of Unitus’ collaborative project.  Three new members have been welcomed into the crew:  Jonathan Boydston, Joshua Robertson, and Dana Villa-Smith.  Their enthusiasm and the fresh new worlds they are bringing to the soon-to-be-renamed Unitus is inspiring =)

Sad day today.  The family dog had to be put down, and I was not able to get home from work in time to say goodbye.  14 years was a good stint for her breed. She came with my then-girlfriend in 2005, so it was 8-9 years that she was part of this family.  Wife is taking it pretty hard, even though we knew it was coming sometime this year.  RIP Nimbus =(

Hope everything is going well with you all =)


2 responses

  1. Sorry to hear about that dog. I know how hard that can be on a family. Glad to hear about all the reading though and your collaborative project!

  2. Sorry to hear about your dog–condolences. They become so much more than just a pet, they become real members of the family. Don’t worry about not writing for a while. Reading is important too, for the indirect ways in which it refuels and recharges your creatived energies. Just be glad you’re keeping busy; inactivity is the real enemy!

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