Let’s shake things up!

Good evening all, thought I had best check in before bedtime.

I have mentioned several times before the collaborative project I am part of, ‘The Lands of Unitus’.  Some interestign events ahve taken place.

Very recently, we added to our ranks the promising talents of Joshua Robertson, Jonathan Boydston and Dana Villa-Smith.  The trio have contributed their first posts in their respective lands of Tundris Mor, Saeculum and Langoria, which I heartily recommend you check out.

And the links may have shown you the other big change.  The project is no longer entitled ‘The Lands of Unitus’.  After much back and forth on names we could all agree on, everyone concurred on the new world name of ‘Infinia’.  The name is a subtle nod to the future adventures in the above regions, as well as the Islands of Insight, Dessilus, Jandor and Asamai.  Please join us in the first steps of our journey.


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