A quick shout-out to fellow Infinians Len Weatherly and Christine Haggerty, who were winners in the ‘Tell Us Your Elven Story’ over at Legendary Post.  Len won the ‘Best Character’ category, while Christine triumphed in the ‘Most Magical’ category.

Congratulations to you both on a job well done =)


3 responses

  1. Waiting for your next story segment, DJ. How’s work and family life treating you these days? Okay, I hope. It’s starting to be spring here in the Northern Hemisphere after a long, long, miserable winter which everyone hated. I’m guessing that in your quarter of the globe, it’s just starting to cool down some. Do try to write some soon, I know you’re busy, but you left us on tenterhooks! (Aren’t I a noodge?)

    1. Hi Doc. Yes, I have been naughty and fallen behind on the story posts. Where I had too many hours to fill before, now it seems there is not enough.

      I am due to post a new Asamai instalment tonight, where the real fun will begin. Am hankering to get back into TLLK.

      Haha, it started to cool, but now we are getting a belated round of Summer weather. Some rain would be good =)

      Not a noodge at all. That someone out in the wider world is hanging out for my next story instalment is humbling =)

      As the Easter long weekend is coming, I will endeavour to get at least one new post for TLLK and Achromatic, maybe two if I can find the time to.

      Thanks for your patience and faith in me =)

  2. Thank you, buddy. I appreciate all the support that you send my way.

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