Hey!  I’m still not dead!

I finished my 1-month-long job last week, and returned to the joy of job applications, and satisfying the relevant authorities of my search efforts for them to pay me my benefits.  Surprisingly stressful, that whole process.

Luckily, I was asked back to work for a few more months.  Hooray for income, and feelings of accomplishment =D

Does anyone have hints for how to write when they spend almost 3 hours a day travelling?  I have been trying to convince the wife to let me buy a cheap model Google Nexus or Galaxy Tab (under $200 in my corner of the world), but income needs to steady before I am allowed.  I’m the accountant, and yet the wife controls the money!  Quite ironic =P

I’m feeling “True Love’s Last Kiss” at the moment, and am riding the wave to build up some stock.  Unfortunately, because of that, “Achromatic” is stuck.

Trying to figure out why, it seems like the ability to world-build is liberating.  Having the latter story based in a real-world location makes one feel extra pressure to do justice to the location.

While nutting out how to go about “Achromatic”, there will be more “True Love’s Last Kiss” posts than otherwise.

I hope you all are well, and life is behaving for you =)


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  1. Congratulations on the job. It looks like you may have to resort for a while to (gasp!) pen and paper! Can’t wait to hear more of both stories.

    1. I use pen and paper now, but find it unwieldy when on the bus or the train. My writing is best when I am sitting and have a nice wide space to spread the arms out.

  2. I was in a similar travel situation last year and found a Nexus 7 + bluetooth keyboard + Evernote invaluable. I was able to do quite a bit with that. A small netbook may be an option here too. Good luck!

    1. Thanks for the ides Phillip. Did the tablet come with a word processor (however generic), or did you need to download an app?

  3. Good to hear from you DJ! Glad some more work’s coming in. As much as it is important to get writing done whenever you can, unfortunately in every day life it can be a bit of a luxury. Don’t worry if you have to put it aside for now whilst you concentrate on getting some income. Keep a note book or electronic device of some kind to hand to jot down ideas when they come, and maybe schedule in a bit of time at the weekend when you can, but don’t beat yourself up if you don’t have the time to sink into it right now. The time will come again 🙂

    1. I discovered an unexpected bonus of getting a Nokia Lumia phone: MS Office comes with it, Word included. Score!
      Hope all is going well in your Zero-related activities, and other real-world shenanigans =)

  4. I feel your pain. This is the first time in months I’ve even looked at wordpress. Zero writing. I’m still in my good-paying-but-brutal money gig. Got Sunday’s off now but they are filled with trying to catch up with emergency housekeeping and bill paying. Nice to have the income but not getting to the book or the paint studio. The 11 hour shift/6 days a week gig could end at any time or go on for months so I’m trying to just accept my life as more seasonal than ordered. Ha! Girl’s gotta eat!

    1. Hi Lausanne, great to hear from you! =)

      Hmm, does sound like a difficult task to get to your creative endeavours. Keep a notepad (or phone app) handy for note-taking, or even a snap of a memorable scene you pass. The little moments will all add up, and when you do find the time, you’ll have plenty to work with =)

      Yes, food is rather good, and handy to have available on a regular basis =P

  5. So glad you’re not dead – and congrats on getting some work! I totally understand where you’re coming from. I have so many writing assignments that the blog hardly gets a look in. Using a tablet or even a smartphone might help, I find once that great idea pops into your mind you should never ignore it – so jot it down by whatever mean possible. And good luck! Commuting is a struggle, but it does give you a hell of a lot of time to be contemplative.

    Oh and I’ve also nominated you for a Liebster Award, you can check out the post here: http://misswho.me/2014/05/04/the-liebster-award-2-0/

    1. Heya Rachel! Great to hear from you =)

      The nefarious real world is terrible in its ability to provide distractions. I hope all your assignments kick many butts =)

      Found that my new Nokia phone has MS Office built in, so gave Word a workout on the bus home tonight. Works well, just need to figure out the SkyDrive…

      Thank you very much for the nominations, it is greatly appreciated =D

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