‘Showtime’ – New Short Story

More #FridayFlashFiction awesomeness from the inimitable J.S. Collyer!

J. S. Collyer Science Fiction Writer

Greetings all. I am currently gearing up to my weekend away at Crime Story UK, a crime writing conference in Newcastle from tomorrow. Polishing my magnifying glass and dusting off my deer stalker! You can follow me on Twitter @JexShinigami and/or like my Facebook Page for updates/information on the weekend.

In the mean time, as promised, as I did not write a new piece of Flash Fiction to share last week as is my usual fortnightly tradition, here is a brand new short story. It’s called Showtime and is dystopian SciFi…about a circus.

Oh yes.

I had a lot of help working on this, adding polish and refining the story, which I am most grateful for. I’d particularly like to thank blogger, writer and dilettante Helena Hann-Basquait for her feedback and agreement to make a cameo appearence in the story.

I hope you enjoy. I have also included the track that inspired…

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  1. Cheers, DJ! You win at everything!

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