The Sunday Witch Hunters ep 13: Borrowed Time

Scary stuff from the fantabulous Anneque Malchien! Check out her other kick-ass works at

Anneque G. Malchien

Welcome back to the Sunday Witch Hunters! First thing this morning I did a dramatic reading of this episode for the benefit of the dogs. They thought it was very exciting (it was very dramatic.) For some reason, they barked whenever Lily had a line. Fans, maybe?

You know sometimes on WordPress you get spammy comments. Sometimes they’re selling you something, other times the words are so disjointed that the comment must have been written by a bot. I recently had one on SWH episode 12 that went something like, “Hi! I love your website and your topic of interest! But I noticed that you have very many words and not many images!”

Well, I thought. No shit, Sherlock. It’s a story for adults. Not a story for spam bots.

I felt bad about it anyway, so I made this.

swhknox copy

If you haven’t read Witch Hunters, read it here!

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