The Sunday Witch Hunters: Ep 14 – Questions

Some relationship building after the havoc of Episode 13! The whole truckload of #SundayWitchHunters awesomesauce can be found here:

Anneque G. Malchien

Hey Anneque, I got a question for you. When are you going to do an article about dystopian fiction?

Well, smarty pants, I can answer that: tomorrow. Tune into my YouTube channel tomorrow night for a video special on dystopian wastelands. Here’s a very sneaky preview:

26a copy

Now for the reason we’re all here. The Sunday Witch Hunters is more than a third of the way through, and the love triangle thickens. Rookie demon hunter Joe Malone isn’t sure he can win the heart of the lovely Lily Buchanan, but he’s determined to try. Meanwhile, Lily just wants to keep Joe alive. And Drake, well, the resident god of death has plans of his own.

If you’re new to the SWH club, you can find the first episode here. Or you can jump right into it now. It’s here, it’s hair, it’s …

The Sunday Witch Hunters
Episode 14: Questions



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