Two things

There are two things I have found that are incredibly destructive to one’s Internet quota.

1) E3 Week:  So much Nintendo awesomeness I teared up a little.  New Legend of Zelda, new Star Fox, new Xenoblade Chronicles, and Yoshi’s new game gets the Kirby’s Epic Yarn treatment.  Sign me up to the ‘Happy Little Nintendo Fanboy’ club >D

2) Buy one Wii U game, get one free!  Bought Mario Kart 8 on first day, and got a free download off the Nintendo eShop.  Of the 10 available games to download, I got New Super Mario Brothers U.  The downside was that it took 11 days of my month’s quota to download it.

So, I am on Internet rations for at least another 8 days.

But fear not!  Within the unfortunately prolonged bout of radio silence, new entries for TLLK and Asamai, will be delivered to you very soon =)

Speaking of which, one has to love when real life helps out your story crafting.  I looked to Google Maps and Wikipedia to investigate the area inspiring True Love’s Last Kiss.  Thank goodness that work’s Internet filter doesn’t block those two sites!  I found that at the north-west tip of the real-life lake is a town named Salem.  Hooray for permission to bring the occult into the story, since everyone knows what the most well-known town of that name became infamous for.


2 responses

  1. New “Xenoblade Chronicles”, eh? That’s cool, but is it going to cost an absurd amount like the other game, I wonder?

    And I’m so excited about the new “Zelda”. I’ve been so “Zelda”-deprived lately. And the release date is for 2015? This is the first time in a while, I think, that there hasn’t been a ridiculous amount of years between the games. I still miss the days when it was just a year or two between new games, though.

    1. Local game store has pre-orders set at $80, which is a $10-$15 above the standard Wii U game rate.

      Video of new Zelda is intriguing. Skyward Sword-style presentation, main character’s outfit matches the colours of Link’s Wind Waker pre-green suit. Might annoy a few people that the ultra-realistic style ala Twilight Princess has again been scrapped, just as Wind Waker did.

      Hope all is well in your corner of the world, and warmer than here (8C/45F) =)

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