The Sunday Witch Hunters: Weapons Testing With Midori and Lee

Love having experimental weapons explained to you? Anneque’s got it down pat. Now, I must remember never to mess with her… =P

Anneque G. Malchien

You know, I’m thinking it would be sweet to have a Pip Boy. One of these:


So a phone, on your wrist, but not one of those wrist straps for your phone. Because that just leaves the phone screen open to disaster, and nobody wants that.

Garmin makes some sports watches which are along these lines, but the battery life when the GPS is active is a big problem. Which makes me wonder just what the Pip Boy uses for power. It’s probably bandit souls.

Anyway. How have you been? I’ve been playing with Lego, building sets for tomorrow’s video. It really would be a good idea to have the sets built at least a week in advance, but I like to live dangerously. Plus this morning I woke up and went, “Hm, I don’t want to use the paper sets I built. The Lego looks better.” If I was…

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