The most peaceful place ever… in a video game

A screen from one of my favourite games of all time, “The Legend of Zelda:  Majora’s Mask”.  My thanks to Blazer99 and his blog on IGN for the pic.

Even though you reach this place in the last minutes of Termina’s existence, before the Moon crashes into it, such a wide expanse of green grass with an immense tree at its centre epitomises tranquility.  How does this place fit in to the game, you say?

Link learns the story of the Four Giants (and Skull Kid) when he speaks to the Anju’s Grandmother in her daughter’s inn when he wears the All Night (looong!) Mask.  You can see the story for yourself here, as recorded by garagedoor0pener, from the 11:33 mark:

– 4 –

The Four Giants

This tale’s from long ago when all the people weren’t separated into four worlds like they are now. In those times all the people lived together, and the four giants lived among them. On the day of the festival that celebrates the harvest, the giants spoke to the people…

“We have chosen to guard the people while we sleep…”

“100 steps north, 100 steps south, 100 steps east, 100 steps west.”

“If you have need, call us in a loud voice by declaring something such as, ‘The mountain blizzard has trapped us.’”

“Or, ‘The ocean is about to swallow us.’  Your cries shall carry to us… “

Now then… There was one who was shocked and saddened by all this.

A little imp.

The imp was a friend of the giants since before they had created the four worlds.

“What must you leave?”

“Why do you not stay?”

The childhood friend felt neglected, so he spread his anger across the four worlds.

Repeatedly, he wronged all people.

Overwhelmed with misfortune, the people sang the song of prayer to the giants who lived in each of the four compass directions.

The giants heard their cry and responded with a roar.

“Oh, imp. Oh, imp. We are the protectors of the people.”

“You have caused the people pain. Oh, imp, leave these four worlds! Otherwise, we shall tear you apart!”

The imp was frightened and saddened.

He had lost his old friends.

The imp returned to the heavens, and harmony was restored to the four worlds.

And the people rejoiced and they worshiped [sic] the giants of the four worlds like gods. And they lived happily… ever after…

– 4 –

Within his many wrongs, Skull Kid comes to possess Majora’s Mask, that most evil and powerful of masks.  And with it, he tries to destroy the lands of the Four Giants.  But, was it Skull Kid or the Mask? The Skull Kid had the pain of abandonment, but the Mask amplified it to the point of such an apocalyptic action.

The more psychological of us would consider what this peaceful place says of Skull Kid, the corrupted wearer of Majora’s Mask, who instigated the lunar mass’ descent to the world below.  Did the Mask somehow take this aspect of Skull Kid with it when it ascended to the Moon, showing the beauty and peacefulness that truly lay within its pawn?  Was the Skull Kid a truly good person, but misguided by the pain he felt was caused by the giants and their supposed desertion of him?


As shown by garagedoor0opener, from the 6:10 mark.  The giants had not forgotten about Skull Kid, and still considered him a friend.  At being told this, Skull Kid hangs his head in shame and sobs.


The big question the story asks:  Can one still be a good person in spite of their evil actions, regardless of such actions being enabled by another corrupting influence?

The seed of discord lay within Skull Kid, which Majora’s Mask used to manipulate and corrupt him.  If that pain did not exist in Skull Kid, the events of the game would not have happened.  To further the chain of events, if the Four Giants had not left, Skull Kid would not have felt the pain that created the seed for the Mask to utilise.  Does that make the Giants’ actions selfish, inconsiderate of Skull Kid, and the cause of the events?


5 responses

  1. I’ve not had the pleasure of this Zelda game yet, mainly because I am still stuck in the Dos games era, if not the old Amstrad tape computers, I do need to give this one an airing though. I like wide open spaces in games and ever since Sector 7 copped it in Final Fantasy VII, I have learned to never to dismiss the gaming area.

  2. That area was beautiful. And strange, for it to be inside that freakish moon.

    You ask some very interesting questions. The giants were rather uncaring for their friend, it seems, when he was just doing these things because he felt hurt. And he can’t be fully to blame for his actions while he was corrupted by the Mask because it likely had a big influence on what he did. Nevertheless, Skull Kid was still at fault for allowing himself to be controlled by such a thing in the first place.

    I love that game. So very deep.

    1. Deep questions that are not usually asked in a Zelda games, hence the love for it.

      And I cried when you saved the little girl’s dad in Ikana Canyon. Dang Song of Healing was a tear-jerker!

      1. I think reuniting Kafei and Anju, only to have them wait out their final moments together before the moon fell, made me pretty sad.

      2. True, but they were going to die together after being kept apart for so long. Very bittersweet =)

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