New Addition!

In a bit of bittersweet news, there is going to be a hefty new addition to the site very soon!

Asamai is transferring from the Infinia website to its new home here.

In an unfortunate turn of events, the combined awesomeness of Christine Haggerty, Dana Villa-Smith, Jonathan Boydston, Joshua Robertson, Len Weatherly, Paul Davis and myself was too much to make coalesce.  So many great ideas, fantastic story telling, and epic visions for the future of Infinia, but ultimately not one that we could unanimously agree on.

Though it is not goodbye forever, it is a fond farewell as we all step away, each with our little piece of Infinia, to pursue other projects and mold our piece into the vision we each saw in our mind’s eye.

Best of luck to you all, keep in touch, and I look forward to watching your budding literary careers flourish.  Thank you for letting me play a small part in your journey =)


2 responses

  1. I know you’re going to tell me I have 20-20 hindsight, but maybe it would’ve been easier to make the multiple worlds coalesce if there had been yet another person in charge of only that! A sort of producer or editor, you know. Still, you all lived the dream, and as you say, came away with your part of the project, and I will still be glad to read Asamai when I see it. Good luck to you and all your colleagues, and keep on writing, DJ!

  2. Seeing this, so many years removed, still makes me sad.

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