For Today’s “IN” Sound – 1967 Coral (Danelectro) Electric Sitar (model 3S18)

An article helping me to flesh out my NaNoWriMo world! Please watch the video of Mike playing; it is awesome =)

Drowning in Guitars!

(Scroll all the way down for the video demo!!!)

Yep, that’s what the ad in 1967 said, “Today’s ‘IN’ Sound”.  I wasn’t born until the 70s but I have to say if this was the “in” sound, then those were some groovin’ times, dig?  Sorry, I couldn’t help myself!  So buried in the Dano collection I find this electric Sitar.  I always knew Dano had this but I never really LOOKED at it.  I mean, it’s so interesting!  Like the Textured “Bombay Red” finish!  The odd shape!  Those extra strings!  Whaddya do with those?!?!  I cranked up the cameras and keyboard, and figured it was high time to shed some light on these scarce guitars, or should I say, Sitars!

The electric Coral Sitar was the first of it’s kind and came out of the Danelectro affiliation with Vincent Bell.  Remember that this was when MCA bought Danelectro and the…

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