One Week In…

Greetings everyone! I hope you have all been keeping well =)

Well, we are just over a week into NaNoWriMo 2014, so where are we at?

Currently sitting on 7030 words. Nothing that cannot be caught up if one dedicates themselves =P

I managed to finish reading my final book of the year on October 31st. If any reader has not read ‘The Quickening’ series by Fiona McIntosh, please make a point to seek it out. Despite the series being recommended to me by Fiona herself, the series was very enjoyable. It is in a similar vein to Robin Hobb and her Farseer series of trilogies, with the main differentiator being Fiona’s use of third person perspective compared to Robin’s first person. I found Fiona’s method to really add a warmth to the characters, where being locked into Fitz’s point of view limited Robin’s ability to do the same.

Wait, I was supposed to be talking about NaNoWriMo? Right…

Week 1 ended up being a nightmare, mainly due to work. The one benefit I’ve harped on about previously is how it is an hour and a half trip one-way to get to work. 15 hours a week to dedicate to writing? Awesome!

Well, those 15 hours were hacked down to 6. Three days worth of driving to work so I could pick up kids from school and daycare one day, and the other two due to long hours due to month-end. Recent changes to company systems are still being adjusted to, but third time lucky =P

One of my drive-in days was particularly horrible. Spending an extra hour in traffic due to a crash near my usual freeway on-ramp, the system going offline for an hour to fix a persistent issue took a pair of hours I could not afford to lose. Needless to say, the stress built up quite a bit, culminating in me locking myself out of the computer due to forgetting my password! Who does that?!

We managed to survive the week, though I pulled my first official 12 hour day (arrive at work 745am, left office at 745pm, and 2 hr driving time) to achieve it. It helps to have a boss who can keep calm under pressure; it definitely helped me not lose my head!

Managed to get from 5400 to 7000 last night. The aim is to get to five figures the end of today, so I will only be 5000 words behind. There will be no long work days this week, so hopefully the words will catch up in due time =)


3 responses

  1. Good for you! Like I believe Bob Dylan says, sometimes all you can do is to “keep on keeping on.” Keep at it, DJ! How’s about making one of those unfinished works into a NaNoWriMo project? That way, you’d finish one of your fascinating stories and get a novel done at the same time. And–of course there’s a selfish element to this, he!he!–I’d get to read it.

  2. How you doing now?

    1. Just typing up a blog about it now =)

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