Two weeks in!

As always, I hope you are all well and you are kicking the butts of life’s challenges =)

Alrighty! As of this very moment, my #NaNoWriMo document has 14,075 words.

Interesting, just over double what I had last week.

Current par for the #NaNoWriMo2014 course: 23,334 words.

Hmm… 9,265 words behind. Well, it’s not 10,000 behind, so it could always be worse.

Thankfully, the main stress of work has abated for another month. That means catching the bus and train in to work all the days I can. 12 extra hours writing time is a definitely a good thing, since it does not require all-nighters after long work days =)

The three threads of the story are now beginning to circle each other, threatening to weave together. The continents the characters reside on has narrowed from three to two, but how quickly should they bond?

I wasn’t sure how to get the threads to weave seamlessly, but found that that one story location has a particularly large music festival each year. Perfect chance!

The hop is that once the threads are intertwined, the words will flow a bit easier. Juggling three separate locales is rather difficult, especially when even those are shifting from chapter to chapter.

Well, better get cracking on catching up to that count. Have a good one all =)


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