*whistle blows* And THAT’S NaNoWriMo 2014!

Alrighty! Let’s see what we have here…


Week 1: 7,030 (7,030)

Week 2: 14,025 (6,995)

Week 3: 17,163 (3,138)

Week 4: 19,928 (2,765)


… Well, the productivity certainly slumped over time.

And there are excuses for why that happened, but in the end they are just that. Excuses. No-one else is going to be writing the story for you, so you can’t go blaming your own failures to focus.

But, the show will go on. As one of Brandon Sanderson’s NaNoWriMo pep talks said, one of the best habits you can develop is to finish what you start. Someway, somehow, this project will be completed.

And once that are done, those other uncompleted projects should be completed. There’s only… three others, possibly more if one scene entries are included.

I’ve completed three other stories, so there shouldn’t be any problem with completing four more…


Now, to go find that fighting spirit that seems to have been misplaced somewhere along the way =S


3 responses

  1. When my grandmother used to ask my grandfather, “Where’s your get-up-and-go?” he would respond (if he were weary) “It’s got up and gone.” Maybe you just need a break from all the intensive work–take a week off, and try again!

  2. I tend to favour the open ended enigmatic, you decide type of story, that and I never get around to finishing anything and that is a convenient excuse.

  3. My writing slumps a lot, too. I get excited about a project, and I write and write, and then I hit a wall, and I stop. I write in spurts a lot of the time, only for it to end due to writer’s block. Life makes it hard to focus on things. It’s due to life that I have a big backlog of blog posts to read, among many other things. I actually have a big list of posts on your blog to get to, as well. I’m so slow. But, I’ll do it eventually.

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