Welcome to the new year everyone! I hope it started with a bang, pyrotechnic or otherwise =)

Well, it’s resolutions time. How did you go with yours? Got a few brand new ones to make?

Let’s look at last year’s resolutions and see how I fared…

1)  Get a job.

Got one at the tail end of March, and still going strong. Hooray for income!

2)  Get a gym membership.

After two recent half-year stints of unemployment, convincing my wife to let me get one was a no-go last year.

But, I discovered today that my health insurance will help me get a 15% discount at the local gym franchise. A year-long gym membership for under $500? Woohoo!

3)  Finish ‘Sayeh and Zia’ by its first birthday (19th Feb 2014).

Done, and was my most recent completed project. Still available here for your reading pleasure =)

4)  Make significant inroads into ‘Big Project’ Book 1.

While not making a dent in the book itself, a good chunk of mythical/historical detail has been laid down. To pave the way of one’s future, one must consider the roads of the past…

5)  Complete at least new one short story in Science Fiction and Historical Fantasy Fiction.

‘Achromatic’ stalled. ‘True Love’s Last Kiss’ stalled. Some other projects stalled also. REALLY need to break this habit =(

6)  Greater focus on Asamai, my part of the world in the Lands of Unitus.

Unfortunately, the rechristened ‘Infinia’ project was disbanded and everyone went their separate ways.

6)  Compete in NaNoWriMo 2014.

I did! Did a bit more work on the story in December, but that stalled due to some extra work pressure. Hopefully, those will be sorted soon, and the stress-induced block can be attacked.

7)  Join a sports team.

Did that, and the team got all the way to the Grand Final. Still debating with myself whether to play spectator for the year and focus on the gym membership.

8)  Read 30 books.

Got to 36!

Wow! After feeling a bit glum about it all, achieved a few goals and made reasonable inroads into others. Not as much a write-off as I thought =D

Goal refresher for this year…

1)  Keep my job!

2) Get that gym membership

3) Read 35 books

4) Join a writing group

5) Finish at least one stalled project (Big Project Book 1, Achromatic, TLLK, Asamai, NaNoWriMo 2014)

6) Win NaNoWriMo 2015!


So, first book… ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’ by George Orwell.


5 responses

  1. Good for you! My repeating New Year’s resolution for many years now has been not to enter into any rigid commitments with the New Year’s diapered baby (in other words, to make no resolutions of any kind)!

  2. Well done DJ! I’m more than confident you’ll kick ass this year too 😀

    1. Cheers Jex. Can you being out ‘Haven’ already? The suspense is killing me =)

      1. I would love to DJ, but not *quite* ready yet XD this year though!

  3. Congrats on meeting many of your goals! Now I wish I had made some resolutions to look back on. But alas, I did not. Well, my goals for 2015 include getting a better job (I currently have a job answering phones, a problem when one of the things I hate doing most is, well, answering phones). I also want to totally win in a costume contest at a comicon. Which probably won’t happen. But, I’d still be rather happy if it did. So I’ll just make a more achievable goal. Complete my costume before the date of the comicon. I can totally do that.

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