IMMINENT RELEASE ‘Infinite Completion’ by Michelle Dennis

What a productive crew I’ve signed up with!

The newest release is due on that most loveable of days… Valentine’s Day.

The synopsis for ‘Infinite Completion’, as per the Amazon website, is below:

“Abbie Bennet is a twenty year old bookworm who considers herself well-balanced and sensible. Her heart and intuition agree on most things and she has no intention of upsetting this for anyone. When she ventures out of her comfort zone to join her friends at a local bar, her balance is knocked way off course by a stranger who is everything her mother, and intuition, have warned her about.”

Be sure to pre-order at the link above! Do it! Do it now! =D

Also check out ‘Wolfbaene‘, a novel Michelle wrote in order to raise funds for our most prominent Children’s Hospital.

Its synopsis?

“William Knight doesn’t belong in Trinity Boys College. He is bullied constantly and is always wondering why he doesn’t fit in. When he is suddenly whisked away from the human world to the medieval village of Chermside by a talking Dragon, he is given a deadly task only a true knight can achieve.
The task? Rescue the Queen from a dungeon, win his knighthood, kill the King who murdered his father and return the town to its former glory before the dark magic of the King ruins the beautiful town forever.
To make matters worse, he is expected to undertake this deadly quest with a conceited boy named Thomas Knight; his brother. Could things get any worse?

Variety is the spice of life, and Michelle has show already that she has that in spades! Ace =)


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