Where did 2015 go?!

I last checked in in June?! This year has flown by!

I hope everyone who still drops by this sadly neglected blog every now and then has had a productive year, filled with many moments of triumph, and learning experiences from the inevitable hiccup or two we have along this little adventure we call life.

Let’s beat that dead horse once again. How did we go with the resolutions made at the beginning of the year, and any others tacked on along the way?


1)  Keep my job!

Survived a full year, making it 21 months so far. Great crew to work with, challenging work, though it’s a bit hard to remain motivated when nearly everyone else has flown out for holidays! Jealous of their travelling interstate or internationally for some R&R… but hey, snooze you lose right?


2) Get that gym membership

Got a month left, having signed on 11 months ago to the day. Over the year, I have become a slightly more chiselled version of myself, and broken many PB’s.

Proudest gym moment: It may have taken 16 years, but I finally beat the fastest 2km rowing machine time from my final year of High School. A fellow who would go on to represent Australia at the Athens Olympics clocked in at 6m 17s. Just over a week ago, I did the same in 6m 16s.


3) Read 35 books

In the closing stretch of the last book, so that will make 27 books by next Thursday. Those were:

‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’ by George Orwell

‘Treasure Island’ by Robert Louis Stevenson

‘The Temporal Void’ by Peter F. Hamilton

‘Warbreaker’ by Brandon Sanderson

‘Blood of Dragons’ by Robin Hobb

‘Hidden Empire’ by Kevin Anderson

‘Southern Fire’ by Juliet McKenna

‘The Alloy of Law’ by Brandon Sanderson

‘Brave New World’ by Aldous Huxley

‘The Evolutionary Void’ by Peter F. Hamilton

‘Pawn of Prophecy’ by David Eddings

‘A Forest of Stars’ by Kevin Anderson

‘Northern Storm’ by Juliet McKenna

‘Haven’ by J.S. Collyer

‘Good Omens’ by Terry Pratchett / Neil Gaiman

‘Flight of the Nighthawks’ by Raymond Feist

‘Betrayal’ by Fiona McIntosh

‘Sylvia’ by Bryce Courtenay

‘Zero’ by J.S. Collyer

‘Persuasion’ by Jane Austen

‘Queen of Sorcery’ by David Eddings

‘Horizon Storms’ by Kevin Anderson

‘As You Wish’ by Cary Elwes

‘Western Shore’ by Juliet McKenna

‘Into A Dark Realm’ by Raymond Feist

‘Dangerous Women’ by George Martin / Gardner Dozois

‘A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms’ by George Martin


4) Join a writing group

So much fun having a group of kindred spirits, sharing the dream of becoming a properly published author. Several in the group have gone on and published, either signing contracts or going independent, which is fantastic news for them.

Will definitely be a returning member of the team next year, though large changes are afoot!


5) Finish at least one stalled project (Big Project Book 1, Achromatic, TLLK, Asamai, NaNoWriMo 2014)

True Love’s Last Kiss was the stalled project I decided to get going again. In what became a running joke with the group, the story length just kept getting longer as there were not enough words left in the quota to get everything done.

So, now I am back to Chapter 1… no, the story has not been thrown out! The main character’s history is needed to help build the tension in the middle stretch, and help provide the bridge for the story’s end-goal. The new Chapter 1 is getting her to where she was in the old Chapter 1, just with a bit more intrigue and foreshadowing.


6) Win NaNoWriMo 2015!

Did not participate =(


Did not fulfill all of the above, so the stretch goals were not entertained.


Now, a few days to decide what the 2016 goals will be…


7 responses

  1. Hey, kid, ya done good, as the man said. I’ve sadly dropped off in my posting too, in order (from August to December) to get done with my crocheting gifts for Christmas. I have more crochet projects for the next year, but I hope with more flexible deadlines. Also, I’ve joyfully acquired a new friend, my cat Lucie-Minou, and she and I are getting habituated to each other. So, things go apace. Have a great New Year, and start posting again if possible. I really miss reading your posts and hearing from you!

    1. Greetings good Doctor. Wonderful to hear from you after so long =)

      Congrats on your feline companion. I hope many a plan for world domination is afoot, and that she is including you in it. An intriguing name: how did you decide on it?

      Did not have much of note to say last year, from a mix of laziness and the usual self-deprecating thoughts. Will try and remedy that this year, but already almost a month has gone! Times flies, even when fun is not involved (half-yearly extra special reporting for work. Ugh!)

  2. Persuasion seems to stand out on your book list. Love all the Dystopia you have going on though! Happy New Year!

    1. And to you, Ste =)

      Found my way onto “Writing Excuses”, a podcast most notably involving Brandon Sanderson amongst others. All the writers fawned over it, and when I saw it in the bookshop during a family holiday down south, picked it up.

      Hope the New Year has been productive for you thus far =)

  3. Good luck on your goals! This year, I’d like to complete my second collection of short stories. Fan fiction short stories, but still… My collection is complete when I reach 100,000 words. I think I’m at 85,000.

    1. Cheers Duck. Long time no hear =)

      Good luck to you on your word count target. Roughly 243 pages already. Nice work =)

      1. Thanks! I’m now at 88,000. I’m getting close….

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