2016: Almost 7% complete already?

It doesn’t seem like much, but almost 7% of the year is gone already! Time does indeed fly!

Who, as a writer, ever feels like the Real World almost actively finds ways to pile up everything else, stripping away all the motivation you are trying to direct towards your writing?

What’s distracting?

  1. The ‘Real Job’. The one you do to pay the bills. The one you studied and dedicated yourself to for the past 18 years… yet the one other subject you were just as good at, though it didn’t promise a stable income source, kept niggling at you through the years.
  2. #NFLPlayoffs. Back in 2013, to research another of my stories, based in early 1960’s Wyoming, I needed to research American Football. At that point in time, the rebel American Football League was stepping up to take on the then-four-decades-old National Football League. Best watch some games to be able to authentically represent it… and once I figured out the whole 1 through 4-and-yards thing, it became an intriguing game of strategy and showmanship. Went through the list of teams, looking for the team with the best shade of blue in their uniform, and chose the team with the best blue, and also where so many wrestling big names have originated (Ric Flair, Fabulous Moolah, Big Show, The Hardy Boyz, R-Truth), the Carolina Panthers.
  3. What Do I Do Next? When you get to that spot in your story when you know what you want, but the words just don’t want to play the game?

And what are all those above?

Excuses, borne of falling out of the loop. Once you’re out, getting back into the swing of it can be difficult, especially when your creative side seems to have gone on extended leave.

If you want it bad enough, there should be no excuses. Be a professional, fight through the hard days, be methodical and get that brain retrained!

So, good news of the week.

  1. Carolina Panthers have reached Super Bowl 50, ruthlessly dispatching the Arizona Cardinals 49-15 in front of a home crowd. Happy that my team won big to get to the Big Game, but I did feel bad for Arizona. They also had an outstanding season, and the showing was nowhere near representative of what they’ve shown they’re capable of during the season. If Carson Palmer and the team can use this pain to focus themselves for the 2016/17 season, Panthers/Cardinals could be the next epic team rivalry. Carolina will face Denver, the surprise packet no-one expected to make this far. It’s the beat possible match-up. If Carolina win, I’m obviously happy for their maiden Super Bowl victory, while a Denver win would likely be Peyton Manning’s ‘Ride Off Into The Sunset’ moment. For one of the league’s longest-serving, almost-continuously awesome quarterbacks, it would be a fitting farewell.
  2. AJ Styles finally made his WWE debut at the 2016 Royal Rumble. Opting not to accept a WWE developmental contract back in 2002 due to the required relocation from Georgia to Ohio jeopardising his wife’s college studies (how times have changed!), in the following 14 years he’s been a student of the game, the face of a franchise, part of epic rivalries, and even travelled to Japan to further build his legacy by twice winning the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship, one of the most prestigious titles in the wrestling world. Proof that persistence pays off! Congratulations AJ =D
  3. Finally having made it through a three-week stretch of insane reporting workload, I am going to try and get several weeks off work next month to refocus the creative energies into writing. True Love’s Last Kiss is at its recently-recalculated half-way point, which is a daunting prospect. When the end point looks so far away, look back and see how far you’ve travelled already. You’ve already made it that far, so lock your eyes to the finish in the distance and keep plugging away.

Hope you are all keeping to your New Year’s Resolutions…

Haven’t put mine up yet, you say?

Well, still finalising, but will be sure to post them up soon. Need to have those far-off flags waving lazily in the breeze, giving you a marker to aim for =)


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