Now that is an unexpected reward. Thank you to my favourite Anatidaean, The Duck of Indeed, for the nomination.

The rules be:

  • Link back to the person who tagged you. TICK
  • Answer all 11 of their questions.  See below.
  • Nominate 11 bloggers with less than 1000 readers and let them know you’ve nominated them.
  • Ask them 11 questions.

Now, some questions to answer. Let me see…

  1. Which is better, fantasy or science fiction? While I love the ‘what if’ situations that a good Sci-Fi story can provide, I find Fantasy taking up more of my bookshelf. It seems that Fantasy provides a ‘simpler time’, though not without its own share of problems.
  2. What is your favorite video game?  If you don’t play video games, what is your favorite movie? So many! I am currently playing ‘Child of Light’, which is an awesomely animated pseudo-fantasy game. As a gamer since 1989, faves are Legend of Zelda series (shock!), Metroid Prime series (still want my Varia Suit half-sleeve tattoo, but yet to convince the wife to let me), F-Zero GX and the Mario games (yes, I am a well-indoctrinated Nintendo fanboy!)
  3. What is your favorite book? Too many! Earliest and fondest memories are for ‘Matilda’ and ‘Fantastic Mister Fox’, both by Roald Dahl. Had read the Charlie’s, the BFG and the Witches, but the precocious child and wily Canidaean had that magical something.
  4. What motivated you to start blogging? The journey towards authorship, which started here in June 2012. Mainly looking to ponder the ways of things, get feedback on how disillusioned I was, and meet like-minded folk on a similar journey.
  5. If you could live in any natural setting (in a forest, by the ocean, on a mountaintop, etc.), which would you pick? A mountaintop, where you could overlook a forest and see out to the ocean.
  6. What is your favorite mythological beast? The Simurgh, a mythological Persian creature.
  7. If you could visit any time in Earth’s history, where and when would you go? The times of the major religions’ beginnings. To see if there was any sign in their times of the effect that they would have on the world, and also how far things have strayed due to the ruthless opportunists through the following years…
  8. Which is scarier, dolls or clowns? I take it you mean Chucky or It. Neither, really.
  9. Can you play an instrument?  If so, which one(s)?  Of not, which instrument would you like to play? Played the trumpet for three years in high school. Of course everyone wanted to play guitar, but school only had so many. Tried trombone first, but it was a pain to lug on the train every tuition day. Settled on its smaller sibling. Stopped playing once I started Year 11 so I could focus on my studies. Would like to start again, but it doesn’t seem to be a neighbourhood-friendly instrument…
  10. Favorite home cooked meal? Crispy Chicken Bake. Full of cream, full of chicken, slivered almonds and topped with chips. Could eat a whole casserole dish of it in my high school days, mainly in the middle of rowing season.
  11. Would you rather be somewhere hot or cold? The general wisdom is that it’s easier to rug up and get warm than to cool down. Of course, that depends if the question is time period-sensitive; I’d likely not be very good in the Ice Age or Hunter-Gatherer Periods. So, modern day would be somewhere cold (can easily rug up), and earlier ages would be somewhere warm (relatively easier hunting, less hunting fierce furry animals for their pelts).

Wow, some of those made me think for a bit. Nice work Duck =)

So, need to find 11 people who remember that I’m a (lapsed) blogger, who have not lapsed themselves…

  1. The Intrepidus Dux (Exalted Leader) of my Writers’ Group, D.S Williams
  2. My ever-faithful follower, The Doc at Creative Shadows
  3. My favourite up-and-coming British Sci-Fi writer, J.S Collyer
  4. A once-fellow collaborator I have been terrible at keeping in touch with, Paul Davis
  5. And another, Christine Haggerty
  6. And another, Dana Villa-Smith
  7. A fellow member of my Writers’ Group, Anna Hub
  8. And another, Michelle Dennis

Sorry, not 11 but those are all the names I could find in my list who I think could be persuaded into participating. Now, questions…

  1. As you are all awesome authors, what stories of yours are currently available for people to procure? (provide links)
  2. What exciting things are going in your portion of the planet?
  3. Do you prefer your fermented beverages grain- or grape-based?
  4. What currently unavailable works are you working upon?
  5. Who’s your sports team of choice?
  6. Dream holiday location?
  7. Your feelings on the current status of the USA Presidential Nominations?
  8. If you could start your own religion, who/what would be its figurehead?
  9. Favourite style of house?
  10. Greatest source of strength and inspiration?
  11. I couldn’t figure it out. What DID The Fox say?

Cheers all. Time for sleep, as it’s the start of another working week.

(Every time i type ‘working’ now, it comes out as wokring. It seems to be the new -ign!)

Hope you all have a good week, and Happy Easter and Nowruz =)


15 responses

  1. Nice answers, especially to #5. Very clever. And I’ve been meaning to play Child of Light. That’s one of those downloadable games, right? Now that my Wii U has an Internet connection, I should give it a try.

    1. Cheers Duck =)

      Yep, you can only get it off the eShop for the Wii U. So in love with the art style *sigh* =)
      Definitely get it =)

      1. I think I shall…. The game caught my attention due to its graphics, as well. Ubisoft really knows how to make beautiful games.

      2. Just finished it this evening. You can literally just wander the world and admire how gorgeous it is =)

      3. I gotta check it out some time. I love games with beautiful art styles. That was one of the great things about Ubisoft’s Rayman Origins. It was fun and lovely. Sometimes I just loved looking at the scenery.

  2. Hey, thanks for tagging me! Unfortunately I’m really sick and any thoughts that take more than two minutes are out the window. That and I’ve done Liebster a while ago. I’m no fun. Hope you’re doing well!

    1. Heya Paul. Sorry to hear you’re feeling crook. Hope you get better soon =)

      Had to trawl through all my WordPress subscribers. So many do not use it anymore =S

      1. Revolving door. Good to see you’re getting back into it.

      2. Motivation is a fickle thing, so one needs to hold onto it like a raft in the middle of the ocean once it’s caught =)

        How have your works been going, sickness aside? Productive?

      3. Yeah. My first novel was out November and it’s doing okay. Next one is almost done with the first draft. Then doing a bunch of short stories, which were put on hold with illness. Yourself?

  3. Thank you for the tag! I’m so honored to have made a mention. I’ve been really busy these last few weeks and forgot to respond.
    How are you this year? I’m looking forward to replying to this today.

    1. No worries at all Dana. You answer in your own time, and I hope it’s a fun exercise =)

      Year is good, busy with Real World stuff (Work, Rugby) and with the writing. I’m hoping to get my current project finished this year, since it lulled and then started up again, but finding the balance between Real World and writing can be difficult =S

      1. I know the feeling. I have TWO kids now, and man…. making time for projects, and managing kids… I’m on the verge of insanity over here.

      2. Haha, it is the eternal struggle between being the selfless hardworking parent and chasing the authorship dream =)

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