COVER REVEAL J.S. Collyer’s ‘Silence’, Book 3 in the Orbit Series

Gotta say, that is a neat cover. The eye-catching, all-encompassing red hue makes me think that Webb and Hugo are in for a hell of a time…

It will be a bittersweet release, being the last book in the Orbit series. Here’s hoping the pair make a reappearance in the future, Jex 😉

I am amazed that the whole trilogy will have been released within a two year span. Supermassive productivity!


Zero (Book 1) released August 2014.

Haven (Book 2) released October 2015.

Silence (Book 3) is to be released at CoxCon 2016 in July this year.

And this series is not all that the talented yarn-spinner has released! All her published works can be seen right here!


Congratulations on reaching such an awesome milestone Jex. An epic trilogy in print!


2 responses

  1. DJ…you rock beyond all measure!!! :’)

    1. Eh, maybe a little! >D

      C’Mon WordPress, why won’t you let include that pic in my reply? Classic Simpsons. Oh well, off to Twitter then =P

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